Saturday, April 4, 2009

"The preacher says hold fast boy this is God's plan/ No offense Lord, but I'd love to see/ Plan B."

I have discovered a fatal flaw in my writing style. *pokes novels* I lay all the groundwork for a major event, and then I don't want to write it. This happened with Merchant's Daughter, which I still haven't finished, it happened after Nano, when I got everyone set up for planetside rescue, and it's happening now. 

I have PLANS in my head. I have DEATH SCENE. I have HILARITY. I have LEETNESS. I have DARING ESCAPE. I have DISTURBING VILLAN. I can see it all. Andddd... I don't want to write it. *big sigh* 

Why yes, I AM a whiner, how penetrating of you to figure this out. Ah well. I have tea, and well. Maybe I'll throw in a cameo from other universes, to motivate me. Now THERE'S a plan! Mmmm, tasty cameos. 
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