Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We interrupt this blog to bring you a special news bulletin...

I am curtailing the time I spend on the computer, so I will most likely not finish Merchant's Daughter. Not this month, at any rate. 

That is all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet, innocent, harmless MEDUSA!

Word count I should be at: 37,097
Word count I am at: 37,588

I've been writing scenes I'm not really sure about for the last couple of days, but every so often I get a line that clicks another chunk of plot into place. So I don't want to totally write them off, but they're mainly mediocre, with a very few redeeming features. In comparison to the rest of my stuff, that is. We're not going to talk about how good they are in reference to actually good work :D

And I keep trying to find ways for certain people not to die. *cries* I won't tell you who they are, because I might find a way, and also I want it to be a shock if any of you end up reading Merchant's Daughter. I just need some casualties! And I don't want them to be pure "expendables."

Darn, darn, darn. *frowns*

You see, I've never actually killed anyone yet, so it's a new thing.

Anyhow, in other news, Ritter Sebastian has arrived, I've married Jana off, and Adelheid has turned out to be "such a man!" :D I'm glad. I was worried about her for a while, and now I like her again. Marching through the castle, terrorizing all the men. :P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I've been reading over your shoulder for 10 minutes, and I still have no idea what's going on."

Word count I'm supposed to hit: 33,871
Word count I did hit: 34,212
Words written: 2,615
Caffine intake: By 11 am, I've ingested 2 coffees and a mug of tea. Let's not count more
Scenes: 3

Wow, I am a writing MACHINE today! Of course, this is probably due to the fact that I've been sitting in front of these screens for essentially the last 6 hours. I've been trying to front-load my word count, because I suspect I will not get much done on my working days. But still... *cough* It's time to go, self. Get off the computer.

I am also beginning to suspect that I am a little too fond of having my Characters say the opposite of what they mean. *mirthful grin* It's just, I seem to naturally include intrigue. Really, I don't plan for it, and then suddenly half my characters are being watched and have to communicate "other ways." *sigh*

However, I still quite like a lot of my characters. And those I don't like I'm either killing or sending to a nunnery. Hmmm, I didn't realize that was my plan until I wrote that. :D And Herr Bruno is still enormous fun to write. Check out his motivational style;
"Now, ladies and gentlemen, I do not have enough staff to spare them to the inevitable loss of limbs and dismemberment I will make sure result from mistakes, so please don't make any."
Good times, good times.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"You think? Who gave you permission to do that?"

Word count I should be at: 32,258
Word count I am at: 31,597

I promise, it was entirely unintentional, but I now have a murder, Dietlinde got really drunk, and Adolph and Adelheid both know an important secret about each other and know that they both know. And they both also throw knifes really well. (This was a fun scene!) :D Adelhied also just watched the murder happen and didn't do anything, which is rather fascinating. 

Unfortunately, I now also have a bit of a headache, which certainly isn't due to the fact that I am getting most of my hydration in the form of coffee, for sure. *nods*. 

Ah, I am very happy to finally have that scene done with. I've been beating my head against it for something like three days!

Monday, May 19, 2008

"And again we try, just to stay alive..."

Goodness gracious; I think there is a pressure change in the air, because my head feels like it's gonna burst if I move it too fast.

But still, I am clutching the opportunity to try and write. Try being the operative word in that former statement, because my inner editor evidently is an elusive creature. I had her securely trussed up, I thought, but now she's out again, carefully stealing my words. My habitual practice at this point would be to drug her out of commission with chocolate, but I'm also trying to save money, so that seems vaguely impractical.

Okay, time to go casually drop some important information.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's time to break out the Chant.

Word count I should be at: 29,032 *cringes*
Word count I am: 27,077 *cringes more*
Title: Merchant's Daughter

I'm changing the title back, since it was too hard to explain.

And I now have a merchant singing in Latin. Yes, Latin. Did you know that you can find the entire Vulgate bible on the internet? I was quite pleased.

I have GOT to get up early tomorrow to write. No more excuses.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I sell my soul, but only to the very highest bidder.

Word Count I should be at: 27,419
Word Count I am at: 26,104
Shortfall: 1,315

I admit it, I totally failed at writing on days where I also worked. But I'm starting to catch up now! Really! *sincere*

I'm rather happy about how my characters are suddenly discovering who they are. Hugh is amazing, I realized, and Adelheid has some kind of a personality! No, Hugh always had a personality, but I got to do an extended foray into how insane he actually is. You have no idea! He actually has a really sad backstory too. Or at least, it was sad in my head, so I hope it translates that way.

Also, Adelhied slapped someone, and got to be her queenly self in two dissimilar situations, which stitched together two divergent personality pieces in my head. Moreover, I finally wrote Adolph! He was the first character to arrive in my head, and the last one of my MC to talk. At this time he's remarkably fun to write, and I haven't even used many of his really good lines yet! *dances* He needs to do a lot of growing up though. This should be fun!

I finished the murder dare, so now I just have to include the one(s) about real people. And no, I am not counting Adelhied as me, despite the slapping episode. *firmly*

My story makes me happy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seven years, only seven years!

Word count I should be at: 22,581
Word count I am at: 22,791

I finished Crime and Punishment this evening, and I really see why it is well spoken of. Though there were certainly moments where I was ready to start shouting at the page, namely when Svidrigailov had Dounia trapped, (!@#$%^), I really enjoyed it. And such a good ending! *is happy*

And I've had to stop at an EXTREME cliff hanger, so getting up tomorrow to right should be easy not that difficult.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Main Character has no Character!!!

Word count I should be at: 20,968
Word count I am at: 20,707

I BROKE 20,000!!!! *fireworks*

I'm a little bit concerned about Adelhied. She really seems to have no soul. This frustrates me, but I also have a cold, so I'm finding it ever so slightly difficult to get worked up about it. *blows nose*

I actually have most of my characters up now. *dances* I also was hired at McDonalds, so I should show them you before I have to start working full-time.

  • Adelhied:
    My main female character. She's 19, and her brother ran off to travel the world selling things three yeas ago. Now he got put under sentence of death in Hamberg, and called her there so he could see her before he died. She is currently under an assumed name, Adele, working in the kitchen of the Castle where he is imprisoned, and cooking up something devious along with the fish.

  • Johannes:
    The brother who ran off to travel the world. He's blond, 17, and a little ADHD. He has a wicked business sense, but doesn't always notice the traps he's walking into. Currently imprisoned, and giving language lessons to the daughter of the Castle Steward.

  • Hadelind:
    The daughter of the Castle Steward in Hamberg. She's got a club foot, and hasn't been out of the Castle in years. Sensible as the day is long, she helps out wherever an extra pair of hands is needed. Taking language lessons from Johannes, and likes the crazy stories he tells.

  • Margerete:
    She's lived in Hamberg her whole life, which is almost 40 years so far. She has no children, but she takes most of the castle under her wing, including Adelhied/Adele. She knows EVERYTHING that goes on. Is Herr Bruno's right hand woman, though he'd never say so.

  • Herr Bruno:
    The crazy cook at Hammaburg (the name of the castle).  Literally, he carries a massive broken sword that he's ground smooth, and he bites the blade when he's agitated, which is often. So he's bending you backwards over the table with the sword at your throat, and blood running down his chin where he cut himself. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BREAD?!? If you make a mistake in his kitchen, you run for your life. Also, no one ever knows quite where he is, which doesn't help the stress level.

  • Hugh:
    Johannes's partner, he's an scarred middle aged ex-crusader with a past we haven't talked about yet. But he handles swords like he was born with them in his hands. He's currently hiding out in a monastery as a novice, and is heading for Hammaburg with a delivery of beer. Spent "16 years on a battlefield."

  • Martin (brown):
    A 9 year old page to the Herzog, with brown hair, he ends up helping Herzogin Mechtilde's ladies with her sewing, which he is not pleased about. Had once lesson in how to fight properly from Hugh, which he was pleased about. He has a running friendship/feud with

  • Martin (white):
    A 9 year old kitchen boy with blond hair. Fights Brown Martin on sight, and notices more than you'd think.

  • Adolph:
    The Herzog, he's 2o, and likes to go about in disguise to learn about his property, though everyone knows who he is because of his red hair.  He was not pleased when his mother tried to arrange a marriage with him to Adelhied, who he's never met, and thereupon announced that he was moving to Hamberg, and that he's going to marry lady Nathalie. He goes by Alban when he's "undercover."

  • Nathalie:
    The "understood" betrothed of Adolph. Pretty and predatory. Adolph didn't stand a chance. She was widowed once before, and is making a very advantageous marriage to Adolph. Her Uncle is Ritter Sebastian.

  • Ritter Sebastian:
    The Chief adviser to Herzogin Mechtilde. He was the instrument of Johannes's condemnation, which was unwarranted. He likes power, and also for people to not know that he likes or has power. Doesn't hold a grudge, because he doesn't need to. If he doesn't like you, you're already dead.

  • Herzogin Mechtilde:
    Herzogin of Hamberg, and many other places which she'd rather visit. She was made regent of her son's lands when her husband died 15 years ago, and she isn't letting go of the power. She's very used to it by now, in fact.

  • Dietlinde:
    At age 14, she was shipped off to Hammaburg to snare a husband, but she spends all her time in the stillroom making medicines. Skittish, she has very good hearing, and knows how to use her store of herbs to do remarkable things, despite not liking them. 

  • Father Nikolous:
    The (very) new priest at Hammaburg. He is in charge of both the castle and the surrounding area, now that Father David died. He's very eager to do a good job, but sometimes is a little too eager to do well. 

There are a few other people who have names, but they're not important enough to make it onto the list. :D 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Word count I should be at: 19,355
Word count I am at: 18,963

I keep trying to get up early, and then I turn off the alarm in my sleep. That is the only explanation I can find for it, because I arm it for 5 am, and then I wake up as breakfast is being called at 8.*frustrated* But I continue to enjoy myself with my story. I had to add a disclaimer to this one too. *cheeky* 
I am aware that the idioms I used are not exactly medieval. I blame this on the fact that they're talking in German, and Polish, and Danish, and so of course in the translation things happen.
I really didn't do enough research. :D

BUT! Maybe next time I won't need a disclaimer at all... I live in hope, pretty much.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"No, he has some very fine clothes, I've seen them."

Word count I should be at: 17,742
Word Count I am at: 17,202 (so close!)
Music: Julie Miller, Newsboys, New Radicals, Daft Punk, Thomas Tallis, Buddy Wasisisname, Switchfoot, Sarah McLachlan, Irish Descendants, Charlie A'Court, Coldplay, Eagles, Rawlin's Cross, etc.  I thought there was a theme there. I was wrong. 
Drinking: Tetley Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Hot Lemonade with Ginger Honey.

Wow, it has been a day of non-related fragments, now that I look at the stats. :D

I did a bunch of odds and ends scenes today. I was cringing at them, and saying to myself, "I hate my mind!" But then I had a chance remark from Margerete, and I realized that I wasn't including a proper villain, and now I'm fired up, a bit, about the story. *dances* 

My dashboard keeps collecting notes like "Intro the healer/Get out now, He'll kill you/Allude to Hugh." and "Herr Sebastian comes to Visit, something Dastardly. Cheerful!"

Man, I just KEEP introducing people, though. (including Jana, who was generic until she opened her mouth. See title, above.) And half of them are going to die, I know, so I have to introduce even more characters to take up the slack afterwards. I think I see a Character related dare around here somewhere. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"You want broke, blind, or bedlam?" "How 'bout all three?"

Word count I should be at: 16,129
Word count I am at: 14,975

I have realized that I just have someone threaten someone else with a knife when I'm not inspired. This is pretty effective, but I also have a feeling that it's also problematic. *beats head against wall*

This is the second week, isn't it. Can I blame my blah novel on that? Can I? Please? No, it's not THAT blah, I just am in the filling-in stages. *sigh* And I keep introducing people who are going to die, I know, which is a little guilt-inducing. But they are awesome, to a man. And not all the awesome people die!

We meet more of the nobility tomorrow. Should be FUNNNNN. Or sketchy. I'm not sure which yet. *grins*

Friday, May 9, 2008

*waves weakly*

Word count I should be at: 14,516
Word count I am at: 13,457
Shortfall: 1,059

I feel nasty, unfortunately. *sigh* Not that I'm really sick, just feeling blah, with a headache, sore throat, and no sense of humour. But I did look up German Honorifics, which are jolly. And I found out two pieces of information in there which fit VERY nicely with my story, if ever I get to the good parts. Sigh. 

Did I mention that depriving myself of sleep was stupid? I think this needs to be said. 

I also think that research BEFORE you're writing a historical tale is a good idea. Oh well, this gives the experience its own particular brand of insanity. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"If you touch me, I'll kill you. If you touch my computer, I'll just make you wish I had killed you."

Word Count I should be at: 13,333
Word Count I am at: 11,934
Shortfall: 1,399

Wow, it's my second post of the day! This has been a very good day. I am happy. :D

I introduced Hadelind, who is amazing, and Johannes got to tell the story of how he lost a finger, and Adelhied met Father Nikolous. Man, I am having issues with Adelhied, though. She is just missing it. You know, that indefinable something which makes you want to watch a person? She hasn't got it. I am disappointed by this because I really liked her before I started wring here, and now it's a desperate scramble to try and make her a real, and intersting, person. 

I have been informed that one of my main characters is a Mass Murderer in their backstory. Aren't Dares fun?

And I also wrote a website

Well, that's not creepy. How did you get my ip address?

Word count I should be at: 13,333
Word count I am at: 10,982
Which means I am behind by: 2,351
Wake up call: 4:00 am
Drinks: Earl Grey Tea, and hot Chocolate. (Caffeine AND sugar, baby.)
Music: Newsboys! I have Jensen Audio headphones, after 8 months of tinny computer speakers. Man, the music sounds good. :D
Dares finished: all of them!

Yeah, I woke up at o-dark thirty to write and didn't start till the sun was out. You got a problem with that?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"We r teh l33test snipezorz!" "Is that Latin?"

Word count I should be at: 11,667
Word count I am at: 9,110
Title: I am not who I am
Sanity: I've reverted to "thee" and "thou" when threatening my little sibs.
Coherence: Did I mention I have my own Dialect? Yeah. I'ts moving in'to i'ts own spelling a' grammar at this time.
Caffeine consumed: Two coffees and a mug of tea. Not bad, actually.

Yea, so I figured out a massive amount of plot related goodness and political intrigue today, met something like 8 new characters, thought up a title, planned out a PEN website; and re-wrote one stinking scene. I haven't even included half of my own dare from yesterday yet. But I did figure out a small titbit of how Adelheid works, which is desperately needed. 

Okay, I'm setting my alarm for 4, which is in 6 hours, *cries,* and I'm going to get up and actually write. And look at the news, but that's in between locals, when you need a mind break anywise.

And, I need to go take a shower and collapse. *blinks*

*baleful stare* Stephanie, I hope you're happy. I posted 4 times today.

Love you, my PENredux-ers!

Monday, May 5, 2008

At dawn on the Fifth day, look to the east.

Word count I should be at: 8335
Word count I am at: 6873 *cringes* But it's early days yet, no?
Title: I'm working on it, okay! I still have to figure out mediaeval trade routes and Saxon monasticism in the 12th century!
Tea of the day: The Earl, of course.
Wake up call: 5 am. *wide grin* 
Sanity: Let's not go there, okay? Always a touchy subject...
Characters in peril: One under a death sentence, one running for his life, and one invited into a frankly dangerous situation.

I've been typing out the stuff which I had already written on paper, which is interesting. I have to say, Lady Mechtilde was fun to write the first time, but the second time, not so much. There's only so much predatory-deranged-old-lady-with-way-too-much-power-and-likes-it-that-way that you can take on an empty stomach. 

On the other hand, Hugh is ever more fun the second time around. Crusader reflexes, baby! *grins* And Adelheid is hardly emo at all now that I've figured out that she is noisy when she works. But I do have to watch that. She's too cool to go emo! 

Ah! I've just figured this out! She's getting crossed with my character for November, cause they both arrived in my head at the same time. *disentangles Adelheid and unnamed girl* 

I got up before the sun today. *dances* Too much caffeine on an empty stomach added to a perilous imaginary world is fun! *walks into a door frame*

Friday, May 2, 2008

*evil laughter bubbles up from the corner*

I got up early again today, and then found that my brother, whose computer account I was using, had changed his password. This is where you take it as a sign that it is time to sleep, and go back to bed. So I did.

And now, for the next little while, I'm writing on paper. *nods*

After lunch, I was sitting in the corner of the living room chuckling evilly to myself pver my notebook, in a manner which I am sure was quite disturbing. It wasn't even an evil scene, but I was just enjoying myself. It's so fun to figure out who your characters are! Johannes, you silly boy... *wide grin* I shall have to tamp down my character ranting, too, since I don't think my family wants me talking about my characters at odd times, for the rest on the month. My poor sister Courtney was the recipient of three outbursts before I managed to reign myself in.

Funnily, my main character is the one who needs the most work right now. I had all her lines done for the first scene for a couple of weeks, but now her brother Johannes is very different from the way I originally saw him, so she comes off as self centered and emo, which is NOT true! I affirm this! Yes, Johannes was originally big, oblivious, 24, and somewhat slow. Now he's ADHD, with a wicked business sence, and 16. Puts a different spin on the conversation, no?

I like my story abruptly, which is good. I have a feeling that might help in the early morning. I should point out that I am NOT an early morning person, and I am just trying to train myslef ot get up early as that is the time when I can use the computer most easily, when I have a login. It remains to be seen if that is any kind of successful.

Okay, I need to go do clothes research. May all your plots come to an end!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

so i herd u liek history?

I'm kinda playing fast and loose with the dates, but I have my setting. Ish. If there is anyone who reads this who knows things about Saxony at the time of the Second Crusade, or Mediaeval German life in general, call me.

I just decided to regard it as a sign when there was a major shipping city which had a formative event and a noble marriage to an unknown girl in the same year. Actually, she wasn't really unknown, but I have made the executive decision that the chronicle which she was mentioned in is not important. *brilliant smile* I have also decided that my main man was actually born ten years after the official record, cause I just don't want a 30 year old marrying a teenager in my story. No, thank you...

AANDDDD!!! I have names. *is pleased* The thing with history is these people come with names ready made! Even if they are mouthfuls like Adolf III von Schauenberg Graf von Holstein. Try saying that one in a hurry.

Oh, I am so in over my head. *dances off to make a character chart*

Now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn!

It's begun!

Fuelled by lovely earl grey tea, I got up at 5 am, and wrote what I dearly hope is 1667 words, (I presently do not have a word count function available, which is being fixed soon!) Then I went back to sleep for three hours. Somewhat counterproductive, maybe, but the idea is to get into my head the habit of getting up before breakfast. This is because my family thinks staying up to 10:30 is pushing it, so my February practice of writing till 2am is not going to go over well, I fancy.

Now, the story. 
Where is it situated? Um, somewhere in Europe.
When is it? Um, around the time of the first crusade? I think?
What are your characters' names? Let me get back to you on that one, kay?
What's the title? Next question, please.
What is the major character forming event? *sheepish*
Do you even have characters? Sorta. I mean, I found out that my one named character is totally ADHD today! That's something, right?

It appears that I have a trifle of research to do.

Update: I now have a map of hope and glory. 
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