My Stories

These are the novels I've been working on, and sometimes reference without explanation.

  • Karma Police
    • You're told there's a battle going on to guide and direct fate. It's very subtle, except for the parts where cities blow up. A secret organization is recruiting children to help them. What do you do when you find out you've been recruited by the wrong side?
    • My steam-punkery beloved, this story needs a serious plot transplant. This is what happens when you only figure out what the bad guys are doing after you've written three quarters of the book.
    • I started it in Nanowrimo 2009
  • Expendables
    • Sometime the helpless ones fight back.
    • Yes, that tagline isn't really valid any more, but it's the best I've got. :P This is a very mixed up SF story, with two plots. In one we follow Jennet, as she figures out through kidnappings (hers) and rescuings (not hers) that she is part of an organization she does not want in any way to support. Meanwhile on the other side of town; my girl Kael is exiled back home, and refuses to ever stop fighting. Her journey is to find out what to fight for, and why.
    • I'm thinking in the first hard edit I'll have to cut one of the plots and focus on the other, and I'm thinking that will be Kael's plot that I'll keep, and I'm thinking the whole middle of the plot will have to be worked on. FUN?
    • I started this one in Nanowrimo 2008
  • Merchant's Daughter
    • Lying well is the best revenge.
    • Set in 12th century Germany, Adelheid finds that a reputation is easy to loose when a nobleman squanders hers in the process of having her brother condemned to death. If in an effort to save her family, she travels to the big citadel of Hamburg, where she finds a.) her brother's execution has a set date, b) she'll be living in a den of political intrigue and backstabbing until then, and c.) she's pretty good at the intrigue herself.
    • Those of you who read the first draft are probably very amused at that description, because right now the plot is almost entirely different. That was back when I thought- well let's not go over all the mistakes I made with that plot. Suffice it to say it's going to need a full rewrite.
    • I started it in May 2008, with this bright idea that I was going to finish it that month. I finished the first draft in October 2009. Cursing a lot as I finished.
  • Definitely Not Legal
    • Exactly what it says on the cover.
    • Six teens who were thinking about being friends find they have to work together to stop a robbery when the police have made it clear they aren't going to help. And they might not be exactly legal in their stopping methods.
      • P.S. This is the origins of the Shipping Containers joke. In my pants.
    • This is my first ever full-length buckle-down-to-it get-a-real-plot story. And it was fun to write. And I'm done writing it. SHELVED.
    • I wrote this in February 2008
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