Thursday, December 25, 2008

"The Five Oh First puts their armour on one piece at a time just like us..."

I'm very numb. I realize this when I try to write. Instead of anything, I'm just tired. Maybe if I was somewhere else- but I'm not. Once again, I'm here, in this lovely friendly small town. Surrounded by my loving family. Numb.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Am I, am I still tough enough?



Oh, you're there? *coughs* Sorry, got a little carried away for a moment. At work today, I got ATTACKED, attacked I tell you, by another idea for Karma Police. I really need to get that thing written before it becomes as epic as Expendables

Which I'm still writing, by the way! And if there is anyone out there who wanted more, and didn't get it yesterday, I'm sorry. I'm still 5k into ONE SCENE THAT WILL NOT END. So I thought I should at least finish it before I sent it out. Though I am starting to suspect that this story is my curse. It keeps spawning these scenes which just, keep, going...

Oh, and the idea for Karma Police? I get to be a bad guy. *maniacal chuckling* I'm still trying to decide if the rest of the Unholy trinity, (and Minions,) will be in there too. Torture, blood and mayhem FTW! I could totally break people, right? Right? :D Anyhow, by the time the first draft is finished the characters will probably be totally different. 

Oh, man, I love writing. I just wish I was faster.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I think you drunk would be an awesome and a terrible thing. In the original senses of the words."

Yes, I'm still writing. Not very fast, and not very well, but the scenes keep being nailed into shape.

Oh wait, that was a lie. *laughs* Scenes, what a joke. I have, so far this week, written 4k, in ONE scene. But it was a fun scene. :D I described a bunch of people, kinda, and Sarti turned her hair blue. That girl is starting to worry me. She came into the story as a quiet, friendly girl, and now she's kicking drug addictions, fangirling over ships, and dying her hair blue. 

I need to go make pie, but here's a sample of my writing quality. 
“We were doing to be under the command of someone who’s more experienced in this kind of thing, a Lieutenant Phewhee, but he fell unexpectedly ill with flesh eating fungus twenty minutes ago."

Monday, December 1, 2008

"We get to hallucinate too? I should have done this years ago!'

A shout out out to each of my poor mistreated (main) characters. :D

Tenish: You're made of awesome. You're SO made of awesome. I'm sorry about what I'm going to do to you, I really am. But you'll get through it- you're made of awesome.
Haggerty: Watch your mouth, man. Though you probably did get me 200 extra words for that scene alone, not to mention the whole "fighting the guest" deal. I, ah, don't quite know if I like you or not.
Neph: See, aren't you glad you survived? You have the potential to be made of awesome, I just know it. *hugs him*
Jole: You poor man. Uh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry? I'll get you out in the end, I SWEAR!
Bleach: You're an arrogant S.O.B. and you need to bleed. I'm sorry I wasn't able to show that yet. It will come, though, never fear.
Etna: Life happens, we know. I'll get them out safe. I'm sorry? I'll just be, uh, over here. Please don't look at me.
Jaslyn: You're hard core, woman. *runs away*
Sarti: See, aren't you glad you unexpectedly turned out to be a druggie? Now you get to play with ships, and hallucinate and stuff! *sheepish* I'll, uh, find you a nice guy. *cough* *backs away*
Bensch, Tru, Terra and Pepper: Your moment will come, I swear. You have good moments, too. With books and ribbons.
Dane: I hate you. *slaps him*
Verjinya: STOP CRYING, GIRL. *slaps her*
Petria. Well, now that I know your backstory, it makes more sense. I'm sorry you ever looked at Dane? *pats on shoulder* And it just gets worse for you, too. I'm sorry. See, here's some nice chocolate! You like chocolate, right?
Appel: *laughs* I don't actually know your backstory, or what you have hidden in that room of yours, or what illegal activities you're engaged in. But I'm sure they're VERY interesting. And your tattoo is shiny.
Jennet: I'm sorry... *hugs her* But you're too smart to not know the truth.
Tanner and all the Guardians: I'M SORRY!!!!!! I NEEDED DEATH SCENE!
Kael: I would apologize, but you brought it all on yourself. And you know this. Look, it does get better, eventually. So don't get too drunk, please? Uh, Tenish, could you watch Kael please? She's gone off to hurt herself again...
Dulamon: You might be one of my favorite characters of all time. So I send creepy women your way and set you on fire. Huh. CAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!! And the message thing was really sweet, it really was. Too bad she never got the messages and settled for cutting herself instead. Yep, you fail, man. Maybe I'll give you a second chance?
Howling: Uh, please no torture? I mean, what would be the point of that? Uh, don't answer that. I'll just stay on the other side of the 'verse, thank you. Stay away. I will shoot you with a flame thrower!

I like my story. :D

"You're leaving me for DRUGS?"

Well, technically I won. *cheery* And I wrote the longest story I've ever gotten out of my head. However, I'm, uh, not done. I just FINALLY arrived at the main "adventure;" 88,802 words in. That is so fail, it's almost matchy. :D

And I had a ball. For all the people on PEN, and who I stalked over the internet and through friends, you're awesome. Knowing that other people were also wringing their hands over their plot or lack thereof, torturing their characters for their own good, and coming out with FLIPPING AMAZING quotes- made it easier to keep going.

PENredux in May, anyone?

BTW: Oh, and for anyone who is reading my story, when they're talking abut Drudges or Intellectuals or whatnot, this is the chart to keep in mind.

“The Organization of Work Roles by Intelligence Quota. 

Drudge, IQ of 80 or below. 
Worker, IQ of 80 to 100.
Technician, IQ of 100 to 115.
Skilled, IQ of 115 to 130.
Intellectual, IQ of 130 or above.

”Each ranking will be offered jobs as appropriate to their abilities.”
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