Monday, December 1, 2008

"You're leaving me for DRUGS?"

Well, technically I won. *cheery* And I wrote the longest story I've ever gotten out of my head. However, I'm, uh, not done. I just FINALLY arrived at the main "adventure;" 88,802 words in. That is so fail, it's almost matchy. :D

And I had a ball. For all the people on PEN, and who I stalked over the internet and through friends, you're awesome. Knowing that other people were also wringing their hands over their plot or lack thereof, torturing their characters for their own good, and coming out with FLIPPING AMAZING quotes- made it easier to keep going.

PENredux in May, anyone?

BTW: Oh, and for anyone who is reading my story, when they're talking abut Drudges or Intellectuals or whatnot, this is the chart to keep in mind.

“The Organization of Work Roles by Intelligence Quota. 

Drudge, IQ of 80 or below. 
Worker, IQ of 80 to 100.
Technician, IQ of 100 to 115.
Skilled, IQ of 115 to 130.
Intellectual, IQ of 130 or above.

”Each ranking will be offered jobs as appropriate to their abilities.”

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