Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wars are not won by evacuations

I got the edit of Definitely Not Legal done. That is such a deeply flawed story. *shakes head* But it has good parts, and it was my first. :D

So, comment me if you want a copy. And if you, being deeply deranged and undiscerning, pirate it; I will hunt you down and make you wish I had killed you. *cheeky grin* For the fortunate favorites, (or perhaps not so fortunate,) who read the first copy, it hasn't changed much. I just put in some (very littlescenes which hopefully will render it less in need of translation.

Fare well!

Friday, July 4, 2008

"A grey wraith on a mad steed."

No, the title has nothing to do with anything, I just liked it a lot. I just came across it this morning, so if you can figure out where it's from, you know what I'm reading. Uber-bonus points to you if you can identify it. :D Oh, oh, and here is another one I loved.

"I used to have so much mercy." (not from what I'm reading. :D)

Such lovely lines....

Right. I did not get on here to talk about quotes, I got on here to announce my official intent to run through an edit of Definantely Not Legal. I need to get it in some form of decent. And I need to buy some teabags, cause this is gonna be intense. Chocolate, too might help. Right, I'm definately gonna do it this time. For sure. *nods*

I'll be coherent you'll see. REALLY coherent.

I apoligize to the world in advance.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Now that is enigmatic. That is textbook enigmatic."

Just thought I take this opportunity to rant about one of my favorite subjects, books! Oh, you guessed? I'm terribly distraught. :D

I finished Stranger in a Strange Land. Yes, I did.


I had started it before, and not liked it. Then I kept coming across references to it, and found a cheap copy, and I had recently re-read some books that I had not liked and I did like them this time, so I thought I give it another go. And how did it go? I very much doubt that I will read it again. It just- failed to catch my interest. Big time failure. When the MC strips nude in a public square and is stoned to death, the other MC's break into the morgue, steal part of his body and eat it, and then go off to form a group-marriage commune and the reader's reaction is "meh;" you know the author has some issues.

It is sad, because I really like his juvenile fiction. (His being other things by Heinlein). But in the adult stuff, he seems to spend way too much time preaching laughably inaccurate sexual ethics and various self-centered heresies. And they aren't even new heresies! Come on man, get it together... Yeah, in all the adult stuff I've managed to wade my way through so far, he manages to have at least one episode where a (female) character monologues on about how wonderful pornography and/or free sex is. The only problem is; all his characters sound like men. So you are supposed to have this great eureka moment, ("Oh, there is no emotional bond connected to sex, and women like being stared at in lust!") and instead the whole scene rings hysterically false. Bottom line; to any of my younger siblings who might see this post- don't read the book. Read Citizen of the Galaxy instead if you want some good SF. And to anyone else who sees this; consider yourself warned. I wash my hands of it. :D

And now I'm reading an actual good book. *hugs it* Unfinished Tales, you make my heart soar. :P Since I'm reading it in snatches of time between shifts I'm only as far as "the Children of Hurin," but it sings at me from the corner of the room. I greatly love the style of writing. It feels like I could pick any line at random and it would be a good quote. A lovely book. Read it. Yes, I'm talking to you!

And what else have I devoured lately? Oh, yes. FMA. :D Bless the day I stole a volume off Stephanie's shelf and read it in the basement. "I have worse things than that to regret." Lovely.
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