Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wars are not won by evacuations

I got the edit of Definitely Not Legal done. That is such a deeply flawed story. *shakes head* But it has good parts, and it was my first. :D

So, comment me if you want a copy. And if you, being deeply deranged and undiscerning, pirate it; I will hunt you down and make you wish I had killed you. *cheeky grin* For the fortunate favorites, (or perhaps not so fortunate,) who read the first copy, it hasn't changed much. I just put in some (very littlescenes which hopefully will render it less in need of translation.

Fare well!


Bahnree said...

YAY! I want one. I could give you editing comments, too, if you want them.

Kendra said...

I want one too! I love your stories muchly. Flawed or not. And Steph's probably much better at editing than me, cause she's awesome.

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