About Me

The short version: I'm a writer and a reader. Also I work but more importantly I devour STORIES.

The long version: I started this blog way back in the dark ages when I was at college, mainly so I could be as cool as all the other writer kids and have a place to post about my characters. Of course, I only had two stories to my name, (one of which I cringed to think of even as I wrote it and the other I wrote mainly to make my friends laugh,) but still. I had to fit in, didn't I?

Then I left college, and several months went by without much blogging or writing. This obviously needed to be fixed, so I started participating in NaNoWriMo as well as blogging reviews of all the books I read. By which I mean I yelled at my characters and posted all-caps rants about books. So pretty much this was just my place to vent on the internet, until recently I looked at the stats counter and realized that people I didn't know were reading this. That also coincided with me throwing in the towel and shouting I READ TOO MUCH I CAN"T REVIEW IT ALL OR I"LL NEVER READ! AUGH, and giving up on my other blog where I posted about my life. It turns out my life IS reading and writing, so nothing was going on over there.

So as of right now, I'm keeping the CAPSLOCK CAUSE IT"S AWESOME, but I'm trying to pay more attention to little things like coherency, in case people who aren't my bosom buddies read it.

Most posts cover book recommendations, (reviewing everything takes too much work), my life (I take pictures of my food), or writing (it's hard and also the best thing ever).

In case you need to talk to me, (though I'm not sure why you'd want to do that), you can contact me HERE.

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