Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Public Service Announcement Under The Influence Of Too Much Sugar

*blink blink blink*

I- I- I won a book. I WON A BOOK. See?


I'm a little bouncy over that. JUST a little.

*takes a minute to run in small circles, gibbering excitedly*

I don't win things very often.


So, book-rant of that will be forthcoming. Also book rants of the EXCELLENT things which I have been reading lately, including a confession about twilight. *cough* And an update on the writing-which-is-not.

Wow, I haven't even eaten very much sugar today, and I'm still quivering. Oh, and also I've been trying to blog every day except sunday, (just to let myself have a day to rest. *is biblical*) but I don't think I can keep that up. I would enjoy it if this was solely a book blog, but I also have to write, and I can't keep up with a book a day, plus day job, plus writing, plus family-enforced sociableness. :D

So from now on, I PLEDGE to blog at least twice a week, with at least one book rant, and one update about the sorry state of my writing. That's all folks, I need to go finish Fire, and stake out the post office!


Merc said...

Congrats on winning the book! :D *looks forward to double posting of blogness*

Snazel said...

Thanks! *beams angelically*

shield maiden said...

Congrats on winning the contest! I know those can be exciting.

I feel your pain about trying to find time to write and then update the blog with book reviews. I think I might cave in myself and only write reviews for certain books.

I hope that Fire is an enjoyable read. It is on my to-read pile on my desk.

Snazel said...

It is a very enjoyable read, Shield Maiden! I'm almost done now. *goes back to it*

Bahnree said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (also I heart the bat-country picture XD)!!!!! WHOOO GO YOU!

What??? you have limitations??? When did this happen? JK :) Twice a week is a good plan.


OH and that purple fedora? Yeah, that's the SAME EXACT ONE I have. Except mine has bling, but she took hers off. Tis obvious.

Snazel said...

Yay I heart your congrats, Bahnree! *huggles them*

And Oh My, I always DID know that hat and you were awesome! :D

Bahnree said...

Hehehehe I'm lazy and bored so reading some of your old blog posts...I LOVE THE PHOTO ON THIS ONE MUCH LOLZ. I want it for my own. I want a poster of it to put on my wall.

Snazel said...

Hehehehe. You should make it into a poster. *smirks*

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