Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Know You're A Writer

1. Your television is unplugged because you needed its extension cord for your laptop, three weeks ago.

2. You don’t notice your house is messy until you run out of food.

3. The tip of your middle finger is sore from using the scroll pad on your computer.

4. You don’t have time to blog because you’d rather write. (Alternatively, you don't have time to shower/sleep/study because you'd rather blog.)

5. You forget you’re eating dinner with your family because your mind is in the other reality witnessing an execution.

6. You go to your relatives’ weddings and funerals because your writing has taught you, despite #5 (see above), that those things are even more important than writing.

7. One of your dearest friends is another writer you’ve never met face to face, and she sends you cat pictures and bizzare links to make you laugh.

8. You start writing after your shower in the morning, stop for lunch, write, stop for dinner (see #5 above), and write again until bedtime.

9. You think a conversation about poison and explosives is perfectly normal and you've been known to start one with the words. "I killed him last week and he still keeps talking to me!"

10. When people tell you your book would make a great movie, you think having a good book is a better idea.

Stolen and then modified from Here.


Bahnree said...

This amuses me a lot. :D

Snazel said...

Glad I can amuse you. ^_^

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