Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I Write.

I'm going to be DARING and put the picture on the other side today. That is how you can tell that I am thinking CREATIVELY. Also my judicious use of CAPS LOCK.

I am such an artist.

Look, over there! I got you some daleks. In a fetching setting. There's even pipes, and warning signs, and MYSTERIOUS canisters.

I am so considerate.


ANYWAYS. I was at work, thinking about writing, as one does. (What, you mean I was supposed to do what I was paid for? Surely you jest!) And I came to a REALIZATION about why I enjoy writing, and why this latest story has been so hard to get in the groove for. It's because I want to share my stories.

Before I started writing the stories down, I would just tell them, on long walks with my sister, (two or three hour walks.) I never actually finished any of those stories, a fact my sister holds against me to this day. And then I discovered my stories got better when I wrote them down- (for one thing they had endings,) and I decided that was the kind of story telling I wanted to do. I want to show people the crazy worlds in my head, and play with the what-ifs, and get them on the edge of their seats about what happens next!

Only thing is, I've gotten used to writing with alpha readers who send me back emails of LURVE, about how they like this character, (actually usually it's more like "I am in love and I just have to kidnap him and take him home. You don't mind right good!) and ooooh, that was a good line, and HAH, that was hilarious, and maaaybe you might want to work on that plot point, and Wait, it's over? I WANT MORE.

Those letters are very motivational to my writing. Only now my alpha readers are swamped with school, and not writing fangirly letters, and I'm questioning my place in this world. :P (Not a whole lot, and my severe leaning towards giving up writing is most likely fuelled by my current toothache, but there is QUESTIONING going on, okay? SOUL SEARCHING.) For example, if no one else reads my writing, do I like it enough, or think it's good enough, to write it anyways? I'll have to think about that one...

Which is to say I've written two paragraphs in the past two weeks. But tomorrow's a brand new day, wot? New things to work on, new thoughts to pursue! Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, I am the only one who has time to encourage you to write. Thus, I have no choice but to carry out this essential task.

You must continue writing because your writing is excellent and because Ethan is the best thing since sliced bread and Ewan is almost as awesome, despite having almost an identical name, and because did I mention that your writing is awesome?
If you don't write more book, I will be forced to kill you and use your brain as a hallucinogenic drug. After that I will enter a monastery, having nothing else left to live for.

Pine Cone Boy said...

All I can say is, I am deeply disturbed by a world in which Daleks can be hawt.

And uh, keep writing? I've been reading Philip K. Dick lately, and you can seriously write way better dialogue than him. :)

Snazel said...

Ben: Your comment made me very cheerful, and I have now written almost a thousand words of a robbery. :D Thank you!

Zack: Thank you! *grins too* I'd hug you for that, but I know it'd just make you uncomfortable. Have a friendly wave instead. *waves*

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