Sunday, November 30, 2008

"You can have the tied up ones. I work better when their hands are free.

So, I have so much to do, in terms of story. And all my people are out of their heads right now. This isn't helped by the fact that I'm really out of my head. 

Yeahhhhh, sleep has been calling my name since I woke up. And here I have to be social and watch silly movies. I just watched Bulletproof monk, which is an amusing film. I think my intolerance of the film was aided by the fact that I've seen better characters written by my friends in the past month. MUCH better characters. In the first draft that was written in the middle of the night. And now I'm watching an intensely low budget film called Merlin's Apprentice. It's the kind of thing you traditionally watch in the middle of the night. *sigh*



I want to sleep, and then write. Oh well.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"People are blowing their brains out on life."

I'm really, failing at writing lately. Yeahhhhh. I wrote just a shade over 5oo words yesterday, and when Bahnree's gicon started winking at me I decided it was time to sleep. (Just to clarify, it was a static picture. No moving allowed. And I swear it winked at me.) And tomorrow morning early I will be going into town, WAAAHHOOOOOO, and so I will not have the chance to write, as my friends are forcing me to be social. Huzzah for going downtown to stare at boys and having firefly marathons!

This leaves me with, tonight. To write 17,500 words, if I'm to make 100k. I don't think its going to happen. I also think that means I'm going to have to leave off, with everyone under imminent threat of death. 

OKAY, NEW GOAL; Get everyone on the planet, and talking, by the end of the month. Maybe I'll have time to do a spot of recon, but I doubt it. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby you're my disease...

Petria just informed me that her Theme song is Rehab, by Rihanna and Justin Timberlake. Should I be concerned? I don't even listen to Rihanna, it just came up on a Youtube video. Good Grief.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"I don't know, where to, start. Say I'm tired, or throw a party."

Character quiz*, mark 1. Jennet's story
*stolen from Bahnree, who stole if from Kemendraugh, who stole it from Bahnree, who stole it from someone else...*

I have so many characters I don't know what to do with them, and I just am about to introduce a bunch more. So, I'm going to do this one in sessions. First session; the people who traumatize Jennet, and Jennet.

A. How old are you?
Jennet: 18
Jole: 18
Dane: 18 and three quarters.
Tanner: 31

B. Height?
Jennet: 5' 4"
Appel: 6' 2"
Jole: 5' 8"
Dane: 5' 11"
Tanner: 2 m.

C. Do you have any bad habits?
Jennet: Uh, I blush a lot? *blushes* I'm TRYING to stop, but everyone keeps doing things. And stop looking at me!
Appel: Define "bad." I have some illegal habits, sure.
Jole: I keep failing to successfully commit suicide. I need to stop that.
Dane: No? What could possibly be wrong with me?
Tanner: Playing poker.
(Jennet: Oh, so you loose money at poker?
Tanner: No. I win, and then other people are broke. And that creates tension.)

E. What’s your hairstyle?
Jennet: Style?
Appel: Light brown, straight, I get it cut about once every six months
Jole: It's- black. And short? *looks at it through your eyes* Is that gel? Did the girls gel me AGAIN? CARMINITA!!!!
Dane: Brown with blond pointing, really touchable.
Tanner: Red hair, usually with a bit of high explosive in it. That stuff gets everywhere.

F. Have any kids?
Jennet: *blushes* Nooooo?
Appel: Heh. None that I know about.
Jole: No.
Dane: How was I to know that the stupid girl would get all emotional about it?
Tanner: We're gonna apply for permission again after this tour.

G. Favorite food?
Jennet: I like apple juice. And strawberry smoothies!
Appel: Barbecue beef sandwiches.
Jole: Tea. Earl grey, if you have it.
Dane: Steak.
Tanner: Beer.

I. Killed anyone?
Jennet: No. Uh, should I be concerned that you're asking me that? *looks around nervously*
Appel: No one has ever died when I was present.
Jole: Does failing to get it through- Okay, that was not my fault. She was graduated, and everything. I'm gonna say no.
Dane: No.
Tanner: I don't keep track of the count.

J. Hate anyone?
Jennet: That sounds really definite. I, don't think I'm able to be mad at someone that long.
Appel: Yes.
Jole: Yes. And no, you don't get to know who. Break my shields yourself, if you want to know- oh wait. You can't. That's right.
Dane: If I don't like them they're not worthy of my notice.
Tanner: It's not professional.

K. Any secrets?
Jennet: *goes resolute* I have no idea what you're talking about.
Appel: Do you think I should? *winks and slouches against the wall*
Jole: Huh. I try.
Dane: Look. My life is an open book. All you have to do is look at my perfect record. There's nothing to hide!
Tanner: Don't you think the weather is lovely today?

L. Love anyone?
Jennet: My little sister, and Matthew, and all the staff, and Appel, and Petria, and Jole, and- wait a second. How are we defining "love?"
Appel: Why should I tell you?
Jole: It's better not to become emotionally involved. In anything.
Dane: Myself. *realizes that he said that out loud.* Self respect is important!
Tanner: Katy. *grins sheepishly* She's gonna wait for me.

M. What is your job?
Jennet: Controller Trainee! It's so fun!
Appel: Controller Trainee, for now.
Jole: Controller Tech.
Dane: Controller. *voices are heard from off camera* Wait, what do you mean I can't say that till I graduate? I got in, what more do you want? *goes off to argue*
Tanner: Guardian, Out of Nation VIPs, specifically controller Trainees

N. Are you a boy or a girl?
Jennet: Girl.
Appel: Man.
Jole: Man.
Dane: *comes back into the room.* Wait, what? Oh. boy.
Tanner: Man.

O. Family?
Jennet: One mother, one little sister, little sister's dad.
Appel: Whatever.
Jole: I never met them. I suppose they're out there, if I was to look. And I wanted to risk them meeting me.
Dane: My family is highly upstanding and well connected.
Tanner: Katy is my family now.

P. Best Friends?
Jennet: Uh, Jole? And Petria talks to me sometimes. And Appel drugged me that one time, which was nice. *looks around.* Wait, what did I say? What did I SAY??
Appel: I'm working on it.
Jole: No. Carmanita, get yourself off me. We fight, we are not friends.
(Carmanita: That's what you say. You know you'd bail me out. And I called the medics on you.
Jole: *glares* That was not a friedly thing to do.
Carmanita: Oh, so a friend would have just watched you die?
*they argue, and forget the question.*
Dane: Everyone who meets me wants to be friends with me. *smug*
Tanner: Well, right now everyone is getting used to being broke, so not at work. *someone off camera says something* Wait, what are you doing with that message? That's private! Get your grimy hands off of Katy!

Q. What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
Jennet: Uh, uh, it's hard to chose. When we got the letter about my dad? That was pretty shocking. Or, uh, when I realized where Jole had brought me? OH! The first time I logged on with Jole. That was a good day. Even if I was pretty sore afterwards. *Looks around and goes red* I said something wrong again, didn't I? Oh my.
Appel: I'm not usually surprised.
Jole: When I discovered that I wasn't dead? THANK YOU, Carmanita.
Dane: I always know what's going on. Wait. Verjinya, what were you doing in my room?
Tanner: I'd have to say having a girl fall from the ceiling was not what I expected.

R. Where would you rather be?
Jennet: Do I have to wish to be somewhere else? I tend to be pretty happy where I am.
Appel: Graduated.
Jole: Dead. Or barring that, the UO. Or barring that, anywhere else, after this cursed school burns down.
Dane: In charge of the Nation. Wait, did I say that, out loud?
Tanner: Mmmm. Home with Katy would be nice. But I don't hate my job.

S. Ever wish to be something else?
Jennet: Something? You mean, like a cat? I wanted to be a train when I was three.
Appel: I don't know, I think I'm pretty all right.
Jole: Yes.
Dane: I'd like to be richer. But really, you couldn't improve on anything else.
Tanner: Oh, my job is pretty good.

T. Ever kissed anyone that's not a family member?
Jennet: *goes red* No. Unless, that time when I was so out of it, or that other time, or the time on the ship.. *goes more red* Uh, I'm pretty sure not?
Appel: Yes.
Jole: Yes. I was young, and she was crying.
Dane: Of, course?
Tanner: *emotionless* Yes.

I try to make it through my life in my way, there's you.

Sanity count: MIA
Sleep count: I've staying up till 130 or 230, and then getting up at 800. Does that make me a bad person?
Caffeine count: Strangely low. Only about three coffees over a twelve hour period, and then I run on stubbornness and water for another six hours.

Overall: I'm writing drivel, but it's my drivel. And fire is pretty.

I burned a crayon in the fireplace yesterday, which was interesting. If you pick it up with the poker, you get drips of flaming stuff ornamenting the fireplace. I also bowed to the inevitable and fired up MSN, (Yes, I do put this on the same level as literally playing with fire,) and was rewarded by being able to talk to the marvelous MoonUnit/Kendra, depending on what week it is. We discussed lots of sketchy things. And silly pink girls. My oh my, I cannot wait till December, and being able to read other people's books. *squees*

Are you noticing a certain "style," shall we say, of coherence? It's not an act. This is how I think right now. Though I'm omitting the profanity for KF-ness. :P

But I also went on a 75 minute walk, and discussed the insanity of liberal lawyers as regarding the military with my Dad, so now I'm all inspired again. Yay for idiots in power! *cough* I'm looking at you, Deshaselane. The walk was good though. A bunch of people dropped their backstory on me, which was startling. Dulamon has a wonderfully sketchy past, complete with self-inflicted blackmail. :D And Etna is freaky. "The attrition rate at that age is, high." Oh, and I also figured out, oh, lots of things.

*looks around vaguely* *headbobs* And if I have to listen to Japanese techno, new rock/country, syth heavy indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, uh- whatever it is that Kendra keeps finding and telling me about, celtic, electronic, AND straight-up rock to keep my brain from shutting down, that's fine, right? Right? *thinks* No, there really is a stunning lack of "christian music" in my playlist. Oh well. *runs away to add linkin park and daft punk*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You're at your best with an ache in your chest...

I stayed up till 2:30 last night getting people drunk. *sigh* It wasn't even a good scene, or anything. But it still amuses me, for a different reason. You know how sometimes you write characters to die? This time I wrote Jaslyn to die. I knew how, and it was such a waste. Anyhow, because of scheduling conflicts, I just can't find the time to kill her yet. You've got a reprieve, girl! But at any rate, I had a group of ten people spring fully formed into my head, including death scenes. It was a little creepy. "Nice to meet you. I have seen your death." And there they were, heavily armed and drinking and swearing, and I could probably count the hours they have left.

Nano is doing fun things to my brain.

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Just out of idle curiosity, how'd you manage to make a girl drop from the ceiling?"

I was feeling highly uninspired today, so I dropped Jennet into the middle of a poker game. Literally, into the MIDDLE of a poker game. And then my people started swearing all over the place. Which was a shock, to be sure.

I'm finally starting to see what other people are talking about when they say that their characters did a certain thing, or wouldn't go to a certain place, and so on. I mean, that's just Selk, and he just swears. :D He can also drink you under the table, and doesn't bother to dodge bullets.

This story is so deeply messed up. *sigh* But tomorrow I get to teach Kael to jump trains! w00t!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am off to work very soon, (GLAHHHHHHHH, meetings), but I thought I should write this first.

I'm still alive!

Yes, I am still puttering away at my novel. And despite the fact that the story seems to have no end, I am still fully capable of pulling a yesterday, and writing a couple of scenes that amuse me, and do not advance the tiny plot in any way whatsoever. *sigh*

So, my word count is 63,115, and I still don't have them planet side. I mean, you have to admire such exotic fail, in a way. I start a story with two images, stick another one in the middle so there is time between explosions, and by the time I actually write the darn thing, it's obese with characters. I need to stop worrying about the passage of time and just kidnap the kids already. Dum de dum de dum...

And most of the novel is just, silly. *sigh* But today I get to- *evil laughter*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I'm going to set someone on fire." "It's nice to have these small goals."


That was earlier. Then I also managed to get the rest of my words done, and am presently at 50,077. I am also starting to be rather concerned about my novel. Hitting the high points, there is a character who likes to walk around with as little clothing as possible, another who is a cross-dressing emo angsty suicidal homicidal maniac, a guy who acts gay- though he likes girls, a guy with two girl friends, an entire posse of girls which includes a druggie, a girl who thinks she's a guy, and a girl with what is probably PTSD. Oh, and a guy who has a bad habit of hacking into girl's minds. At this point my group of severely traumatized clones is the most stable ones of the whole crew. And I have a very thin thread of a plot.

Huh, and put like that, it sounds like a weird story.:D

I think when I do the edit I'm going to divide up Kael's story and Jennet's. They are connected, but only faintly. And trying to juggle them both, which I what I"m doing now, isn't really working. Not only do you have to balance two stories, but it takes forever for anything to happen. SO much time, in fact, that I'm just going to cut out a bunch of stuff I had blocked in, and put it in flashbacks if necessary. Seriously, who wants to wait 50,000 words for anything big to happen? NO ONE. Though I did have fire, and drugs, and lots of fights. :D

We'll see.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Why should I do anything you tell me?" "Oh, I can be persuasive."

Oh my word, sore hands. *cries over them* Typing 5,865 words in a day will do that to a body. 

Yep, my word count is now 35,865 words, which is less than 1k off target. And speaking of targets, I may as well officially acknowledge that my target is not 50,000. It's 100,000. This did not come about intentionally, as I did not intend to have such an ungainly story that I have only hit the plot today. But since it is huge, and probably will not even be finished within 100,00, in the interests of finishing the story I'm being insane. 

Yes, the line between madness and genius is so thin somethings, isn't it? *thinks* Pretty tricky, that. 

The problem with writing these posts at night is that my brain usually surrendered about an hour before I start in on Blogger. I believe I mentioned this before. But I got to beat up Kael and Haggerty, again, and do a flashback of Kael's which makes me happy. And I also got to get rid of Jennet's useless friends, which means that the cool people, the smart and arrogant ones, not just arrogant, are showing up really soon. Oh, and I knocked Neph unconscious, but he's used to that. 

In other incoherent news, here is the soundtrack I was listening to to prepare for nano. Now it changes daily, but still. The names in brackets are if the song is specifically for a certain person, other wise it's just the whole universe.
  • Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap (Jennet)
  • Ill-M-I, Tobymac (all the 57th EF)
  • Get Me Through December, Allison Krauss and Natalie McMaster
  • Ironic, Alanis Morissette
  • Into the Ocean, Blue October (Jole (to the max))
  • To America We Go, Ashley McIssac, (Etna)
  • Move Along, All-American Rejects
  • Hurt, Johnny Cash (Kael)
  • Blow Me Away, Breaking Benjamin (Haggerty)
  • Love Song, Sara Bareilles
  • Anywhere Is, Enya
  • Adrenaline, Gavin Rossdale
And yes, I stole alot of this from Bahnree, but I steal most of what I DO from her. So there. 

"What is reputation? Is people talking. Is gossip."

So. Yeah. I yesterday worked, and then went to a blood donor clinic. I gave a full donation, and my sister almost fainted. Twas shiny. Then I came home and wrote, and just as I was caught up and ready to start my official words for the day, my friend from out of town came over. So of course I had to introduce her to Firefly, and also lure her brother over to the cause. I got home a little after 1 am.


Which was terribly fun, of course. But it now means that I'm not really feeling well, and I'm an entire day behind where I want to be. 

I'm gonna start a fight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One, nothing wrong with me. Two, nothing wrong me. Three, nothing wrong with me.

Total words: 28, 230
Today's words: 4,571
Short of objective: 1,770

Wow, so, I'm behind. Yeah. The weekend did that. I blame it on the wine, personally. :D As well as my prejudice against writing on a bus full of drunk people who might look over my shoulder and start reading. Oh, and other people's silly prejudice against writing novels at staff parties. Pshaw.

But I managed to get a descent amount done today, and I even made mysterious dinner with things I found under the sink. *cough* I mean, with selected vegetables, oven roasted with fresh ground pepper and olive oil. Isn't marketing fun?

Quote of the day:

I’m sorry Private, I didn’t hear you clearly over the noise my command insignia was making. Did you say that you are able to perform my search at the same level I am? Private?


"I hate being drunk before lunch."

So, I was in the city for the staff end-of-fiscal year party yesterday, and I didn't get too much written. Like, 500 words? 

I"M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weeps* *Thinks about what she's done* *weeps more*

So now I am very tired, with a bit of a headache, (not a hangover. :P I have seen the difference.) And I have a lot of words to grab back. *runs after the fleeing words*

But in other news; guess who managed to get her hands on a hardcover copy of Order 66, and Firefly on DVD? Yeah... it really isn't safe to let me into bookstores unattended. And what is it with computer stores only selling games for Wii, Playstation, xbox, PS2 or Windows? We come in other stripes you know! Accept the rainbow! Embrace the diversity! *cough*

I'll go wait for the bus now. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Controllers! They have so much junk in their heads they walk funny around magnets!"

Word count total: 16,970
Word count for the day: 3,608

I don't want to do anything other than writing. It's rather interesting. It is also rather interesting how I do not have the words to explain just how intrinsic writing is. We're not talking, something I like, we're talking something I would do rather than eat or sleep. (As is evidenced by the fact that I am still up. :P) 

Anyhow, my story. I like it. People carried other people into shelters, and drugged other people, and rode on trains, and got locked out of shelters in the middle of attacks. And there were also arguments. Lots and lots of those. 

*is sleepy*

Sorry, I'm not too coherent by the time I get to this one. I just thought I'd point out the fact that I'm still alive. *waves*

*curls up in a ball and passes out*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"You keep talking but it makes no sense."

Total Word Count: 10,437
Word Count of the Day: 2,798

I'm beginning to be a trifle worried about my novel. I'm at over 10k, and I just finished the first day, story-wise. So it looks to be slightly epic. Not that I didn't know and fear this before, but it's different to have the stats presented to you. huh.

But I did figure out a couple of things that worried me regarding Kael, the girl who fights with anything that looks at her. :D She and Tenish have a brother-and-sister thing going on, which clears up some big question marks as to exactly how they insult and abuse each other. Oh, and Kael is also probably also in love with a guy back home, her "teacher." He just appeared in my head with a treasonous backstory and lots of air miles. And he's not middle-aged and/or married. He's tall, and has glasses, and muddy hair. He also can break you with his mind, yes YOU, and is one of the few people who can keep Kael under control. She certainly can't. :D

So overall I like it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Miss will not be entertaining while her mother is absent?"

Total Wordcount: 7,639
Words today: 3,918
Activities participated in other than writing: I ate three meals, drank two cups of coffee and one hot chocolate, went to our church service and checked facebook a couple of time. A lot of times. Oh, and I did some IM chatting that was fun and pretty much devoid of logic.

I am so spoiled this Nano. I have no school work to get in the way, only part-time work, and no distracting social life. :D Lots of fun time for writing! Yes, it's still oddles of fun. But now the part of my brain which deals in words is dead. DEAD.

*waves weakly and falls down the stairs*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"The first week is supposed to be easy cause you're all inspired and junk; I've never noticed a difference personally."

Title: The Expendables
Word Count for the day: 3271
Activities participated in other than writing: I ate two meals and went for a walk.
Sanity: Okay, we already know I'm not all here. Let's just skip this one in the future.
Confidence: "The invasion is a mere matter of marching."

This includes the thousand and someodd I wrote in the early am of this morning. Yes, I am too lazy to go back and check the post before this. But I have made a monumental discovery, which surprises me every time; I love writing. I just love it. *is blissful* 

And yes, I'm attempting my old practice of front-loading words, cause I really have no idea how long I'll be able to keep up with this. But I'm very happy right now. :D

Let me see, I introduced a bunch of people, three groups in fact. I'm only going to be sticking with two of the groups, and two people from the other passle of people. And yes, most of what I wrote was junk, but there is one line I like.
Private Neph, 15 years old and trying desperately to make up for the fact that he had gotten himself cut into fourteen pieces on his last mission, handed Corporal Tenish a mug of coffee and took an elaborate sip from one himself. “Did it work, sir?”  He had spent two months in sickbay growing back vital organs.
Neph was a surprise, but I like him.

It Has Begun

12:01 to 1:18, 1033 words. 

I'm tired. But I love writing. *is happy*

*falls over*

Happy Halloween, all you silly social people. 

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