Friday, November 21, 2008

"Just out of idle curiosity, how'd you manage to make a girl drop from the ceiling?"

I was feeling highly uninspired today, so I dropped Jennet into the middle of a poker game. Literally, into the MIDDLE of a poker game. And then my people started swearing all over the place. Which was a shock, to be sure.

I'm finally starting to see what other people are talking about when they say that their characters did a certain thing, or wouldn't go to a certain place, and so on. I mean, that's just Selk, and he just swears. :D He can also drink you under the table, and doesn't bother to dodge bullets.

This story is so deeply messed up. *sigh* But tomorrow I get to teach Kael to jump trains! w00t!


Bahnree said...

Haha "doesn't bother to dodge bullets." I like it.

Kendra said...

I think he's my new favourite slimy character ^_^
*pats* Swearing isn't so bad. My char's a pastor's kid and he's totally sworn at least three times, the jerk. At least your characters are already disreputable; they're just keeping with their image! *grins*

Snazel said...

Well, pastors kids are totally the worst. We all know this. And did you READ the excerpt? *breaks wall with head* It's not good.

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