Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"You keep talking but it makes no sense."

Total Word Count: 10,437
Word Count of the Day: 2,798

I'm beginning to be a trifle worried about my novel. I'm at over 10k, and I just finished the first day, story-wise. So it looks to be slightly epic. Not that I didn't know and fear this before, but it's different to have the stats presented to you. huh.

But I did figure out a couple of things that worried me regarding Kael, the girl who fights with anything that looks at her. :D She and Tenish have a brother-and-sister thing going on, which clears up some big question marks as to exactly how they insult and abuse each other. Oh, and Kael is also probably also in love with a guy back home, her "teacher." He just appeared in my head with a treasonous backstory and lots of air miles. And he's not middle-aged and/or married. He's tall, and has glasses, and muddy hair. He also can break you with his mind, yes YOU, and is one of the few people who can keep Kael under control. She certainly can't. :D

So overall I like it.


Jacqueline said...

I can't get over how well you are doing with your writing! You go girl!

Kendra said...

Wah! No more Mindrape!
I think I love this teacher too. I could end up fighting Kael for him.
You and your epics. Classic Jas.

Bahnree said...

hahaha mindrape.....

you're such a wordcount pervert, jasmine! ;)

Snazel said...

Thanks, I think?

Um, I don't know where the mindrape comes in. *puzzled* I have OTHER stuff, but no mindrape. *a beacon of shining innocence*


Kendra said...

Dude. Breaking people with your mind is under the category of mindrape. Trust me.

Snazel said...

Well, actually I was thinking physically break you. With his mind. It's kinda complicated. Though he can do the other one too, now that you mention it. Dulamon, you rascal!

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