Sunday, November 9, 2008

One, nothing wrong with me. Two, nothing wrong me. Three, nothing wrong with me.

Total words: 28, 230
Today's words: 4,571
Short of objective: 1,770

Wow, so, I'm behind. Yeah. The weekend did that. I blame it on the wine, personally. :D As well as my prejudice against writing on a bus full of drunk people who might look over my shoulder and start reading. Oh, and other people's silly prejudice against writing novels at staff parties. Pshaw.

But I managed to get a descent amount done today, and I even made mysterious dinner with things I found under the sink. *cough* I mean, with selected vegetables, oven roasted with fresh ground pepper and olive oil. Isn't marketing fun?

Quote of the day:

I’m sorry Private, I didn’t hear you clearly over the noise my command insignia was making. Did you say that you are able to perform my search at the same level I am? Private?


1 comment:

Bahnree said...

Dude I love that song. And I love that quote. And I love you.


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