Sunday, November 23, 2008

I try to make it through my life in my way, there's you.

Sanity count: MIA
Sleep count: I've staying up till 130 or 230, and then getting up at 800. Does that make me a bad person?
Caffeine count: Strangely low. Only about three coffees over a twelve hour period, and then I run on stubbornness and water for another six hours.

Overall: I'm writing drivel, but it's my drivel. And fire is pretty.

I burned a crayon in the fireplace yesterday, which was interesting. If you pick it up with the poker, you get drips of flaming stuff ornamenting the fireplace. I also bowed to the inevitable and fired up MSN, (Yes, I do put this on the same level as literally playing with fire,) and was rewarded by being able to talk to the marvelous MoonUnit/Kendra, depending on what week it is. We discussed lots of sketchy things. And silly pink girls. My oh my, I cannot wait till December, and being able to read other people's books. *squees*

Are you noticing a certain "style," shall we say, of coherence? It's not an act. This is how I think right now. Though I'm omitting the profanity for KF-ness. :P

But I also went on a 75 minute walk, and discussed the insanity of liberal lawyers as regarding the military with my Dad, so now I'm all inspired again. Yay for idiots in power! *cough* I'm looking at you, Deshaselane. The walk was good though. A bunch of people dropped their backstory on me, which was startling. Dulamon has a wonderfully sketchy past, complete with self-inflicted blackmail. :D And Etna is freaky. "The attrition rate at that age is, high." Oh, and I also figured out, oh, lots of things.

*looks around vaguely* *headbobs* And if I have to listen to Japanese techno, new rock/country, syth heavy indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, uh- whatever it is that Kendra keeps finding and telling me about, celtic, electronic, AND straight-up rock to keep my brain from shutting down, that's fine, right? Right? *thinks* No, there really is a stunning lack of "christian music" in my playlist. Oh well. *runs away to add linkin park and daft punk*


Bahnree said...

You know I never addressed your shocking lack of good Christian music knowledge...I'll have to remedy that one of these days.

Snazel said...

You? You study to Nickleback and Papa Roach! *sticks tongue out*

Bahnree said...

Nickelback, yes. Papa Roach, no.

And I grew up on the good old classic Christian rock, and still listen to it frequently...just not while studying. :P

Snazel said...

Oh wait, so now you don't remember? It was a paper of doom, and you were in the abyss, and I was stalking you to avoid my paper of doom, and you just started snickering over shinra. THEN, you played me a couple of lines of the song that had made you laugh, but we only listened a couple of lines cause it was really profane, and a professor might have walked in.

And I'm not even COMMENTING on the time when you were playing Nickleback and Dr. Tingley and Animals came on at the same time. Oh wait, I just commented. My bad.

Bahnree said...

Right well I'm going to assume that I had just heard the song, and was playing it to you cuz it was amusingly profane, and then never touched it again, cuz I seriously don't even know what song that was and I hate Papa Roach. :P
And how did Dr. Tingley "come on" at the same time as Nickelback? Like he came into the room?

Snazel said...

You were scraveling for the off button at the same time as Tingley was walking by. *cough*

Kendra said...

I totally have a good Christian song on my playlist *angelic* Of course, I'm twisting a book of the Bible to suit my needs, but...yeah.
*cough* Right.
Try News Boys, Jasmine. Or Jars of Clay. Or Casting Crowns. They have some good stuff. IMO

Snazel said...

Uh, I didn't mean that I have NO Christian music. *cough* I'm just picky about what I listen to, and "praise and worship" does not suit my fancy. I do have a bunch of DC Talk, Newsboys, and Whiteheart come to mind as being on there. Oh, and I should add my Casting Crowns song.

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