Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Prep!

Hey all! For the next bit of Nano prep, since I have no idea what I'm doing, I decided to enter the contest here. Especially since Natalie is jolly. I'm pretty sure I bent the rules rather a lot, but here's my less-than-a-thousand-words, in a fictional setting in training in the middle of my nano novel. Please feel free to tell me how to make it better.
Party Prep.

For reasons no one was really sure of, everyone’s response was to look to see how Ewan took this information. His response was to drain his mug and drop it from a centimeter above the table. Ewan raised his eyebrows and swallowed. “A costume party. We’re going to a home-made costume party.”

Thys nodded. “You all did an excellent job on your last assignment- which was quite difficult so that your next venture is more of a reward.”

His eyes narrowed when he smiled, Nanami noted for the thousandth time. She raised a hand. “Do we have something specific to do at the party?”

Thys smiled broader, making his eyes almost vanish. “Just dress up, eat the refreshments, and have a good time!”

Nanami made a list of the three things, ignoring Ethan and Laura’s shared eye-roll. They just didn’t take things seriously enough, that was their problem. How could they expect to have a good time if they didn’t take note of it? She stood up respectfully as Thys left, and then vanished to her room to build a costume. This plan was followed by the other four teens, with significantly less respect.

Adam knocked at her door an hour later. “Do you need any help?”

“Don’t come in!”

“We leave in twenty minutes.”

“I said don’t come in!”

His generous offer rejected, Adam waited more or less impatiently for everyone to appear. He’d found cowboy boots and a hat at the back of his closet. Together with tight jeans, a blue plaid shirt and a neckerchief, it didn’t make a half-bad costume, if he did say so himself. He checked in the mirror and settled his hat on dirty blonde hair. The shirt matched his eyes. Yeah, not half-bad, on that short of notice. Adam adjusted his hat again as Ethan emerged. “We need costumes.”

“I’m wearing my costume.” Ethan opened a can of soda. His tone was curt.

The cowboy by the door took stock. White button-up shirt tucked into high-waisted black pants, pens in the front pocket of the shirt, hair slicked back, and- “Glasses aren’t a costume.”

“They are not my costume.”

“You look normal!”

Ethan raised his eyebrows and then grinned suddenly. “I’m a perfect nerd.” He sat down on the other side of the little living room. So Adam didn’t get his ironic costume choice. That was clearly Adam’s problem, not his. He drank more of his soda, and choked when Laura appeared; blonde, blue-eyed and iridescent.

“Is it alright?” She sounded slightly worried, and tugged on the bottom hem of her transparent “dress-” which had probably started life as a nightgown. “It was hard to get a full coverage of glitter, and it kept collecting in the bathing suit, I had to powder myself in the nude.” She winked at Ethan, who grinned back.

“It looks great. Full coverage.” He reached out and adjusted the panty-hose, bent-hanger and glitter-glue wings sewn to the back of her transparent-nightgown-over-white-bikini combo. “You were askew. There. Very creative!”

She turned on her toes and sparkled in all directions. “Thank you!” She and Ethan both smirked over Adam, who was averting his eyes and oozing disapproval. “Will there be food at the party?”

“Should be.” Nanami tucked her notebook away in her sleeve, which stretched to the floor, and glided over. “All good parties have food.”

Her three compatriots stared at the girl in a kimono, her face painted white. Nanami glared back at them. “Gei only means art, and I know how to dance, all right? It’s just like dressing as a ballerina, only in furisode instead of a tutu, because I have the outfit!!”

Her defense of the costume went unnoticed. The teenagers were too shellshocked by the fact that the girl who lived in sweatshirts and cargo pants had a waist and a figure, and dress which showed them off. Ethan kept checking her face to make sure the features were right. “Uh. No, that’s. Great. No issue.”

Laura smiled sweetly and wiggled her shoulders so her wings fell correctly. Light refracted around the living room. “I think it looks fine!”

Nanami smiled back, red-painted lips curving dangerously. “Your opinion warms my heart.”

Laura smoothed the front of her outfit. “It should!”

Nanami’s furious retort was cut off by Ewan falling loudly out of his door. He straightened up with a clatter of chains. “What’re you looking at?”

Ethan straightened out of his chair and cleared his throat. “Ewan, did you cut two holes in a sheet, and then put that over your head?”

Ewan’s expression had to be inferred through the sheet, but it was fairly obvious from this body language. “What does it look like, nerd?” He tugged at the spiked collar around his neck.

“Oh, it looks exactly like you did that.” Ethan nodded. “Good job. Classic costume.”

Ewan wrapped a length of inch-thick chain around his hand. “Shut up.”

“I was just saying!” Ethan winked at Laura and pulled on his runners. “Did you carry chain for a costume, or was that for other reasons?”

“It’s a belt, get your idiot glasses checked.” Ewan clanked over to the door. He’d hung every piece of chain jewelry he owned off his pants. This caused considerable strain on the pants. “Can we leave now?”

“Fine, let’s go.” Adam stood up and adjusted his hat. “We need to take the train and a Zeppelin to make it there in time, I have the timetables...”

Ewan had flipped him the finger and exited, closely followed by Nanami, Laura and Ethan, in that order. Adam sighed long-sufferingly and followed, consulting the invitation again. “Natalie Whipple’s Halloween Party,” it read. At least he knew where they were going!

Oh, and I haven't entered this yet. I just felt obliged to post for today, and maybe you people will be helpful. :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brain Not Found Error, Redo From Start.

Nano Prep continues at the speed of, er, well, uh...

I decided that my police have orange berets?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Yeah if life was a highway I was drunk at the wheel..."

I'm getting excited about Nano. Mmmhm. And I'm also getting excited about my new characters! But I still don't really know who they are- sooo I'm going to interogate them, with the good ol' character quiz! I think I might also have to do this again after Nano, since the characters will have been through a lot. ^_^

Later: (Also. Listen to this song. Do it. Usually Christian Music makes me want to beat someone's head against a wall, but I actually like this one! Heh. That probably doesn't say good things about me...)

Much Later: Wow. This took a while.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most one at the least.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some question yourself!!

I choose...
  1. Ewan Swallow
  2. Nanami Tajima (Formerly Dawn)
  3. Adam Hewitt (Formerly Matthew)
  4. Laura Hough (Formerly Lisa)
  5. Ethan Cusack
How old are you?
  1. Why am I even here? Shut the hell up.
  2. 16.
  3. 17.
  4. Oh, 16.
  5. I'm 16.
Do you have any bad habits?
  1. No, I'm bloody perfect.
  2. That's a matter of opinion.
  3. I'm sorry, what was that?
  4. *sparkles* A few.
  5. Yep!
Who’s your mate/spouse/SO?
  1. I refuse to answer on the grounds that the answer might incriminate me. *smirks*
  2. Well. If there's an arranged marriage in the works, it hasn't been mentioned to me yet. *smiles slightly*
  3. I'm not dating till I'm older, and more settled.
  4. Spouse? I said I'm 16! *angry, and then laughs it off*
  5. Let me just check my little black book...
  6. (Athur's Note: I've been feeling very single lately. So it will be an interesting excercise, to see if my characters can remain mostly un-attatched.)
Have any kids?
  1. *looks slightly ill* Uh, no...
  2. No.
  3. What kind of a question is that! I'm a teenager!
  4. No. *flatly*
  5. *grins* Why do you ask? Is the clinic going after unpaid bills again?
Favorite food?
  1. *instantly* Bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon and grilled onions.
  2. [Something in Japanese which I am too lazy to look up]
  3. Chocolate cake with chocolate ships and chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream with chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce.
  4. Mrs. Thorpe's Melba pudding with vanilla ice cream. *blushes for no apparent reason*
  5. Anything that isn't sardines. Oh wait, I like sardines too. Anything that isn't baked beans, then.
Favorite Ice cream flavour?
  1. Uh. Vanilla? The really good kind? *uncertain* With Olive oil, you know?
  2. Strawberry
  3. Chocolate.
  4. Bubblegum! Want some?
  5. But, there are OVER 9000!!!!11!!11 THIS IS MADNESS!!!!
Killed anyone?
  1. Who told you that?
  2. I might as well have, if you ask some people.
  3. Pardon Me?
  4. No, I have not.
  5. Every night, man. Every night. *grins*
Hate anyone?
  1. Yes.
  2. That would imply that I care.
  3. Of course not!
  4. Oh, a little bit. But not badly!
  5. Hitler. Oh, and Bush. Are those the right answers now? I always forget...
Any secrets?
  1. Also No.
  2. *smiles*
  3. Of course not! Er.
  4. Why would I have secrets!
  5. Can I have more Mountain Dew?
Love anyone?
  1. Your Mom. *grins suddenly*
  2. My family, I guess...
  3. My Family, and Jesus.
  4. Yep! *sparkles*
  5. Your Mom. *high fives Ewan*
What is your job?
  1. *looks at you*
  2. I'm a Cashier in the grocery store.
  3. I'm a student, and of course I volunteer a lot, but nothing that pays yet.
  4. I work Drive-Thru!
  5. I work in the sterile supply lab at the hospital, part-time.
Are you a boy or a girl?
  1. Jellyfish. Seriously, Eff off.
  2. I'm female.
  3. Boy.
  4. Girl!
  5. Boy, I guess.
What's your family like?
  1. Assholes. You care why?
  2. Large, affectionate and gifted. *flatly*
  3. Great! Why do you ask?
  4. My mother is a whore and my father is a drunk. I don't believe that has much bearing on me. Next question?
  5. Oh, they're fine. Little sister, older brother, two parents, one of each gender. Do you want their social insurance numbers? *skeptically amused grin*
Do you have any best Friends?
  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. Of course!
  4. Lots! *sparkles* We hang out all the time. I wouldn't have passed chemistry without Becky's help!
  5. Sure.
What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
  1. When I was born. *flatly*
  2. Probably when I was born. *Nanami and Ewan look at each other uncertainly*
  3. The most surprising? Well, failing that math test was pretty shocking.
  4. When Robbie asked me out! *giggles* He's SO cute!
  5. When I tripped over my shoelace last week. *soberly* I did NOT expect to see the floor in such an intimate manner. I mean, I'm just not that kind of girl!
Where would you rather be?
  1. Anywhere that's not here?
  2. Anywhere other than here? *Nanami and Ewan look at each other uncertainly again*
  3. On a beach, relaxing. I mean, College. Right.
  4. At a Movie! Or a party!
  5. Asleep. *solemnly*
Ever kissed anyone that's not a family member?
  1. Sure. Lots of girls. *glares dangerously*
  2. I don't understand the question. *calmly*
  3. I said I'm not dating till I'm older! Didn't you hear me?
  4. Why would I want to kiss my family members?
  5. *grins* Wanna answer the question conclusively?
What's your religion?
  1. Fuck you.
  2. My family are Christians. I lean more agnostic. God certainly doesn't care about me, why should I care in return?
  3. I'm a Baptist, and a strong Christian.
  4. *winks* Why you you ask?
  5. I'm aethist. *shrugs*
Do you have any hobbies?
  1. Arson, murder, drugs, chess, the ushe.
  2. No.
  3. I built models for fun. Sports aren't really hobbies, technically.
  4. I'm on the jump-rope team! But I have to work a lot.
  5. I am passionately interested in stamp collection, and other nerdish things. *grins*

you cried wolf
the tears they soaked your fur
the blood dripped from your fangs
you said what have I done
you loved that lamb
with every sinful bone
and there you wept alone
your heart was so contrite

Friday, October 23, 2009

Here's a taste of November.

In prep for nano, I decided to share the origin short that I wrote a couple of months ago. I'm not sure how much of this is actually making it into the story, but it DOES give you a good look at Ewan, my angry boy. He's the one narrating..
WARNING: contains some profanity. Sorry. Like I said, Ewan is an angry boy.

... couldn't quite identify that accent. It sounded like he'd learnt english from one of those characters in those old books, Agatha Christie or Rudyard Kipling, all upper-crust and what-ho, let-us-now-have-a-biscuit-and-a-spot-of-tea, wot. Like, if anyone had tried to tell me how he talked, I'd have laughed in his face. But somehow it worked, in person. Maybe because he was so calm about it. Like he knew he was talking weird, he did it on purpose. Like he was carefully playing the part of the mysterious stranger. Whatever. Dawn was practically licking his feet, she was so taken up with him, and everybody knows she can spot a phony a mile away. She found FOUR narcs last term, THAT she told people about. WTF, man? Who spots narcs and DOESN"T tell people? Dawn, that's who. She just does not care. Gotta respect that, even if she is a stuck up bitch. It's kinda hot, actually.

The man finally finished answering Lisa's inane questions. God, she asks a lot of questions. Seriously. Who, Even, Cares? Just shut up all ready. No one is fooled by your "perfect little keener princess" act, even if you are easy. The man looked around the room at the people stuck in these stupid plastic chairs. Like we even wanted to be called out of class to listen to some idiot talk, anyhow. "You've all been asked here because you've show signs of exceptional ability." Like I haven't heard that one before. Exceptional, yeah right. "I represent a- certain organization. Not from around here." Damn straight you're not from around here. Nothing worthwhile is. "We used to be knows as Arbitrators Of Fate, or, what is that new translation we have?" He turned to look at his assistant. Funny, I hadn't noticed he had an assistant till then.

The assistant blinked white eyelashes. "Karma Police."

I already had my arms folded, but I would have done it if I hadn't already. Like Hell, you're Karma Police. What is is this, some new kind of experimental physiology? Let's talk about what you've done wrong and how you're gonna make that up to society? Good luck with that, man. You're gonna need it.

The man nodded. "Yes, Karma Police, that's the new name. We do work which requires a delicate touch, as well as certain skills, which you display evidence of." He looked around the room. From his expression you'd think we were all hanging on his every word. The bastard was calm, I'll give you that. "Moreover, you are all highly intelligent-" Oh yeah, I've heard this before. And I've just about had enough of it. "-and as such, the tests that you took this morning will allow us to issue you high school diplomas." WHAT? Okay, whatever he's smoking, I want some. I totally threw that test! And so did Dawn, I saw her sheet. What? Yeah, I was looking, you wanna make something of it? Huh? She practically dropped it on my desk anyhow. But I didn't even answer half the questions, and I totally messed up the ones I felt like it for. What kind of test asks you what the biggest injustice done to you is? One that's looking to screw you over, that's what. Not that I didn't know that already when Mr. Asshole comes in and says these people have the full support of the teaching staff. You know who else has the full support? The Police. And effing straight-a students from broken homes. "If you would be willing to come in for closer evaluations, we might see our way clear to offering you a job." Uh, that's a new slant. What, a "job" filling out emotional evaluations and scrubbing floors? Yeah, right. "We know that some of you, being, as mentioned, strong students and well involved with the community, already have obligations." Sacred Heart Of God, I hate Matthew. He puffed up like a fish as soon as the man said this. Yeah, we ALL KNOW YOU'RE PERFECT, QUARTERBACK. Go do the world a favor and shoot yourself. "But it is rare that we find such outstanding candidates as yourselves, or so many." So many? There's five of us. The jock, the princess, the freak, the nerd, and me. The criminal. Who's outstanding there? Huh, I guess we already know that. Dude, I just want my parole to be over, and I want to leave. Man, I want to leave. "Therefore, if we do decide we want you to join our organization, we will dissolve any bonds you have here." Then he looked right at me. "Any bonds." Uh, okay? He must have looked at our files, they're right there on the desk- ANY bonds? "Needless to say, we've already received the full support of your school, and I can assure you that any other- obligations- spoken or unspoken- will be no issue." Now why would that make Dawn's expression change? What obligations does she have? The girl makes a religion of having nothing to do with anyone. "And I can assure you, the monetary remuneration for your time, including the evaluation period, would be substantial." I made a list in my head. The outfit the man was wearing couldn't have been worth less than three thousand, and more importantly, his assistant was dressed the same way. When those kind of people talk about substantial, it's substantial.

Okay, now I might be interested.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Operator, Operator, I'm just fine I'll call you later."

I decided to start my nano playlist with the plan suggested here by Merc.

This is the result.
  • K: Skinny Love, Bon Iver.
  • A: Rock Star, Nickleback
  • R: Rise Again, The Rankins
  • M: A Song For You, The Split Peas
  • A: Vultures, John Mayer
  • P: Cloudburst At Shingle Street, Thomas Dolby
  • O: Just For Now, Jill Barber
  • L: Parallel Lines, Dave Gunning
  • I: Coldfront, Amie Miriello
  • C: Scottische, Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers
  • E: Isolation Blues, Charlie A'Court
I don't really know what to say.


I don't listen to much of this music.

Uh. right.


Anyhow. Moving on. (Cloudburst at Shingle Street? WTR?) Nano is FAR too soon. This deadline approaching quickly, in addition to The Swine Flu (TSF) reaping down swaths of my town, are bringing my stress level up a bit. You see, with TSF rolling over the area, people are falling ill. I, traditionally, do not fall ill unless it is stress related. Which-- would put me in line to sicken this time. Darnit. But to date I remain hale! This means I'm picking up more shifts at work. My bank account likes this. My nano prep file does not. My nano prep file, in fact, was written over a year ago, most of it. *cough*

But in other news, this year I have recruited most of my family to do nano! It's true!( Though I still don't believe it!) I started with singing the praises of Nano to one of my siblings, who is 13. I have done this for the past fourteen months? Finally, however, I mentioned the Young Writer's Program, which is for those below the age of 18, and you can set an age-appropriate word target. An THEN, miracle of miracles, she decided that it sounded good! I, of course, seized the opportunity to register her on the site, and celebrated.

Then, the second miracle happened! My smaller siblings (and I mean under the age of ten) wanted to join too. "She gets to write, why can't I?"
Me: "Why can't you? NO REASON. SIT THERE WHILE I TAKE AN AUTHOR HEAD SHOT FOR YOUR PAGE do you have a character list yet?"

*happy sigh* SO that's every sibling who can write, who is under the age of 18 (so they can set their own word count,) registered. I was content. Oh, and my mom decided to sign up as the Educator and watch their word counts, which was jolly. But to make it doubly jolly, she decided to write as well! I don't have words for my joy!

I actually don't have words. It's 1 am. Why am I still up? Right. I should fix that. Byes!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Not that I celebrate in the slightest. WHOOO.
The day's stats;
Word Count: 1979
Scenes: 2 and a bit (Don't you love specific numbers?)
Tea consumed: I think I'm on mug three. And water. That's why I'm head-aching! Dehydration!
Things done other than writing: Um. I'm dressed?
General satisfaction: High. Very high. *beams*

I know this story needs a lot of work, but I think it's workable? I don't love it in the way that I love Expendables, which is just part of my SOUL, but I think MD and I can get along. We might be able to work things out. I actually even have a slight idea of how to edit this uneven tale into submission. :D

Oh, fine, have an excerpt. *beams* It's so bad..
(This is as romantic as I got. I'm SO pro.)

Adolph carefully walked along the top of the castle wall, approaching the slim woman in grey who was watching the courtyard and the marsh alternately. “How are you today, betrothed?”

Adelheid turned and smiled slightly. “I am well, thank you, Adolph.” She brushed some hair behind her ear. “It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

He stood next to her and looked out over the marsh, which was showing a little bit of ice around the edges. It had snowed last night. “If you like freezing to death.” He sounded gloomy.

Adelheid laughed. “No, I like NOT freezing to death. That’s why we have massive fireplaces, and halls, and all that! Yes?”

Adolph didn’t sound convinced. “You still have to go outside. And then your nose freezes.” He looked at Adelheid as she chuckled. “Are you, happy, about Christmas?”

She looked at him, and then looked down at her hands. “Um.”

Adolph took the hands, carefully. “I didn’t really have time to ask you before, Fraulein Independent. But you can obviously carry yourself well in court, you don’t panic in emergencies, you speak as many languages as I do, you look lovely, and you’re smart.” He cleared his throat. “Is it such a terrible thing, to marry a friend? Oh, and I’m fabulously wealthy. Does that help?”

She chuckled, and looked up, rather red in the face. “I’ll be honest, it does help, just a little.” She brushed at hair that didn’t need to be tidied. “But I wouldn’t mind if we had to live in a town house either. You’re the best I’ve found yet.”

Adolph grinned. “Good. I don’t want a mopey wife.” He continued grinning cockily as his betrothed glared at him. “Moping equals rebellion! And trying to tickle you into submission is just tiring, not to mention beating, I mean, wow.” He shook his head. “Much better to be happy.” 

“I’m happy I can keep you from being so inconvenienced, friend.” Adelheid responded dryly.

Adolph chuckled. “Being married to you will certainly be fun! Brrr, it’s cold. let’s go inside.” He held the ladder steady for her as she climbed down.

But if you'll excuse me, now I need to go sleep and regrow my brain. Oh my fearsome quaver, it's only 11 days till Nano? PANIC STARTS NOW.

"All I want is tentacles..."

Wordcount: 1296
Scenes: 3. Kinda?

I really wanted to finish this last night, but even with the addition of Pepsi, I was still tired. And I wasn't writing anything good, so now I'll write it in the morning! GO GO GO!

Adeleid inclined her head to him. “Danke, Hoheit.” Her shoulders went back, and her head up. “It once was part of a pair, but I say to you now, a man came to my house, and by secret means obtained the pair to the glove, and stole it. I accuse that one.” She pointed directly at Ritter Sebastian.

There was an audible intake of breath, and fixing of attention on Ritter Sebastain. The Emperor looked at him. “Ritter?”

The man laughed incredulously. “I’m sorry to deprive you of a scandal, Hoheit, jeerharten Frauen, Herren. But I have never seen this woman before in my life. She must have the wrong person.”

“No,” Adelheid remained adamant. “I know the man. It is certainly him.”

Ritter Sebastain started to laugh again, and then downgraded it into a chuckle. “I swear, Fraulein, you have the wrong man. I’ve never seen you before.” He looked around him, and his smile faded in the face of the room’s mood. They didn’t believe him, that was clear.

In the back of the room, a whisper started. “The executioner’s already set up...”

Monday, October 19, 2009

I don't know what drugs I was on last year, but I need more!

Word count 1544.
Scenes: 3

Whooo! Only one scene and two epilogues left! *celebrates furiously*

*falls over*

Nothing worth an excerpt, though...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday's celebration was clearly premature.

Wordcount: 138

I'm not even joking. *sigh* I'm so close to the end, and so easily distracted! Maybe tomorrow will be better? Maybe? *crosses fingers* If I put in a decent day, I bet I could finish this story in one day?!?!?! OMG FOR REALZ? *is fired up now*

Also, I inadvertently compared those who entered Nathan Bradford's beginning paragraph contest to tone-deaf asthmatic rats. I should mention now that not EVERYONE who enters is in that category. (Unless you like that description, in which case, more power to ya.) The 2000+ entries do contain some serious rats, though... *cough* And some stellar phenixes. Yay Phenixes!

I need coffee...

Monday, October 12, 2009

*throws flaming confetti*

Word Count: 794
Scene: Done and DONE.

I finished the scene that- as mentioned- I'm pretty sure I'm going to cut. Of course, now that I'm done with it, I start making exscuses for the poor thing. It's not THAT bad! It has good points! There are some good lines... Kinda...

No, no there aren't. There really are not good lines. But I'm going to share an excerpt with you anyhow, because I haven't done that for FAR too long! *chortles*

Adele blinked someone’s blood out of her eyes. The clash of metal had stopped? It appeared the battle was over. There were so many people! So many people she didn’t know, and a few she did. Brother Hugo had twin swords in his hands over there. The swords would require cleaning, it was obvious. The Herzog had a short sword and a shield. There were a lot of archers, aiming at her. Aiming through her, at Ritter Amedeous, who was using her as a shield. He was talking, in a high, panicky voice, which she ignored.

Perhaps she wasn’t entirely emotionless, despite the calmness that was making her eyesight so crystal clear. She was rather angry, still. Adele spotted a torch on the ground and snagged it with a foot. He was still talking, triumphantly. Adele didn’t care about his triumph. She pulled the torch closer. He was still talking. Bargaining. She let the torch flame play around the hem of her skirt. It caught, a thread of flame licking up her leg. It hurt, but that didn’t matter. “My skirt’s on fire.” She announced clearly, cutting through the bargaining.

So bad... However! I entered the contest here, where you post the first paragraph of your novel. I do not, in ANY way, expect to win anything, but it still made me feel better. ^_^ I saw some of the other entries go by, and I was in awe. It's like entering American Idol. You don't make it up in front of the judges, but at least you know can hear and identify when you sound like an asthmatic rat, and you feel better about your singing. (Fun fact: I was entry 669, and now it's up to 919 entries. Whew!)

I should go write more of my winning, sparkling prose. Tah!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I aim for pointless stubbornness." "I noticed."

Wordcount: 630
Scenes: Shut up, I'm not talking to you right now. Go away! Not listening...

I think I finally figured out why I've been finding these scenes so exiling hard to write. It's Because this whole little plot excursion is essentially pointless. It does not contribute to the main plot in any way other than cheap emotion, and is basically an excuse for me to kill some of my favourite characters. Having seen people die in real life now, I'm not as enthusiastic about this idea as I was when I thought it up, a year and a half ago. So this bit is the first thing that I'm cutting when I edit it. *nods* That's about it! I must finish it though. SO CLOSE TO THE END.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hurrah for arbitrary figures!

Wordcount: 246
Scenes: 1.2

Every word I write is one I don't have to write again, right? Right? Oh wait....

I finally like my characters. Whoo!

Wordcount: 678
Scenes: 1

Also, I joined CC. That's about the limit of my intelligent commentary, at this point. :P
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