Sunday, February 15, 2009

"That's what you get for flying so low..."

I bought the new Gordie Sampson album yesterday afternoon, and since then I've written something like five thousand words and listened to the entire thing 8 times. And there's these two songs I've repeated 35, (thirty five) times. I know, I am In-Sane

Anyhow, there's that craziness, and then there is also the fact that I realized I have never written a torture scene. What brings this to mind, you ask? The fact that the next scene I have to write consists of Appel talking to people being asked questions he'd rather not answer. I am rather certain that it's going to be lame totally awesome. Wish that I survive me luck!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Say hello to Vesper!

"We are young, and so is the night." Discuss. 
(time limit, 8 min)

"We are young, and so is the night." It's a saying we've probably all heard before. However, it is true in only one sense. The garish night of parties and city streets is young. How can it be otherwise, having only been invented in it's present form within a century or so? It has no history to fall back on, no memories to lurk in the back of your mind and smile at you. But the true night is what normal people avoid, and it is incalculably old. 

It's not just darkness. Darkness is what the night looks like from the comforting sphere of artificial brashness created by electrics and loud happy people. True night is silence. Night is when the other senses come alive, and even sight quiets down from its daytime clamour and becoming imaginative. Night is secrets, thing half seen, monocromatic beauty, and it is very, very old. It laughs at our self-satisfied changes to its face, and remains hidden in alleys and the backs of houses. We are young, and the night is not.
-Vesper Agate Sterling

Friday, February 13, 2009

"Welcome to Women Now where women are trusted friends please put your hands where I can see them and surrender any bombs."

Yes, I watched Juno, as might be evident from my title. I've also been writing. 


It is curiously liberating to just throw quality out the window, shred it into tiny pieces, jump up and down on it, douse it in gasoline, and shower it with lighted matches. It's the Nano state of mind, only more so. 

So, current state of affairs: Kael and all the Military are hungover, Bleach and Cole are sightseeing, the rest of the techs are cracking the world network, (assisted by the Military,) the Drudges are shopping, Appel is being interrogated, Jennet discovered an empty closet, and Dane and Very are being nauseating. I think Petria locked herself in the shower again too, which is related to Dane and Very being nauseating. That about covers it!

EDIT: Objective of the weekend- write 6k. Everyone else I know is juggling some combination of school, work, reading, and writing, so I can manage this, right? *crosses fingers*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cue insecurity, in 1, 2, 3: implement.

Wow. I've been writing, but I'm trying very hard not to think about what I've been turning out. I'm pretty sure the characters are morphing into people I've never seen before, the style of writing is old and annoying me, and I'm feeling more and more insecure about the actual plot. Yes, there is a plot. Kind of. It just erm, is special in whole new ways. 


And strangely enough, the fact that four people told me that what I HAD written, and was all insecure about, was good, makes me more nervous still! I'm pretty sure that was a month insanity brought helped by stress, and it's never coming back no more. *more crying*

Ah well, I figured out the scenes I have still to write, and there aren't actually too many? Some of them are massive, people get hurt and things blow up, type scenes, but I can actually kind of outline them, which is crazy. Okay, new objective! Do NOT reread, write! Write 10k or more a week. Then weep and possibly get stoned on chocolate. All right, I can do this...
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