Monday, October 19, 2009

I don't know what drugs I was on last year, but I need more!

Word count 1544.
Scenes: 3

Whooo! Only one scene and two epilogues left! *celebrates furiously*

*falls over*

Nothing worth an excerpt, though...


Merc said...

*throws flaming confetti*

Also, I have to ask. TWO epilogues?

Snazel said...

Thank you!

One is the actual history, and one is the "everyone lived happily after after." *grins*

Merc said...

Hah! In that case, yay. O:)

Well. I mean, not that I support HAE in general given my status as evil author, but, you know.

Yay for writing them anyway. %-)

Snazel said...

Hey, this is supposed to be YA! :D I have to give some people a shot at happy...

Merc said...

What! You don't do the depressing real life angst-fests that end with everyone dead at the end? O:)


You're a nice author for giving the characters a shot at happy. B-)

Wait--does that mean I am too when I have happy endings? o.O

Snazel said...

Well, In Expendables, I just killed all the children. *beams*


Oh no. The Horror! Merc is nice! *panics*

Merc said...

Shhhh! Don't tell!

And besides, I can bluff because almost all my SF is dystopic and depressing and so is the horror I write and... actually, a lot of fantasy shorts too.

*shuffles off*

Snazel said...

*watches the nice author shuffle off in awe*

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