Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Miss will not be entertaining while her mother is absent?"

Total Wordcount: 7,639
Words today: 3,918
Activities participated in other than writing: I ate three meals, drank two cups of coffee and one hot chocolate, went to our church service and checked facebook a couple of time. A lot of times. Oh, and I did some IM chatting that was fun and pretty much devoid of logic.

I am so spoiled this Nano. I have no school work to get in the way, only part-time work, and no distracting social life. :D Lots of fun time for writing! Yes, it's still oddles of fun. But now the part of my brain which deals in words is dead. DEAD.

*waves weakly and falls down the stairs*


Jacqueline said...

Wow! You are doing so good! I am jealous. I'm only at 2800. I really struggled to find time to write today, but you're right, it is so much fun!

Bahnree said...


Kendra said...

I hate you and your huge word counts. So. Much.
You know what you are, Jas? You are Awesome slapping me in the face ^_^
*is inspired enough to get back to writing*

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