Friday, July 4, 2008

"A grey wraith on a mad steed."

No, the title has nothing to do with anything, I just liked it a lot. I just came across it this morning, so if you can figure out where it's from, you know what I'm reading. Uber-bonus points to you if you can identify it. :D Oh, oh, and here is another one I loved.

"I used to have so much mercy." (not from what I'm reading. :D)

Such lovely lines....

Right. I did not get on here to talk about quotes, I got on here to announce my official intent to run through an edit of Definantely Not Legal. I need to get it in some form of decent. And I need to buy some teabags, cause this is gonna be intense. Chocolate, too might help. Right, I'm definately gonna do it this time. For sure. *nods*

I'll be coherent you'll see. REALLY coherent.

I apoligize to the world in advance.


Kendra said...

That's Morwen, isn't it? I know it! I love that story, even if it's Uber sad. Poor Morwen *tear*

Bahnree said...

pfft teabags don't help anything.

I didn't recognize the title quote. I am ashamed. :(

And I love the mercy line too. :D I am in such a Dr. Who high right now I can't even talk about it....

Snazel said...

And the Uber-bonus points go to.. Kendra! And it is very sad.

And teabags are a massive help! But I admit, I got root beer too. :P

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