Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I think you drunk would be an awesome and a terrible thing. In the original senses of the words."

Yes, I'm still writing. Not very fast, and not very well, but the scenes keep being nailed into shape.

Oh wait, that was a lie. *laughs* Scenes, what a joke. I have, so far this week, written 4k, in ONE scene. But it was a fun scene. :D I described a bunch of people, kinda, and Sarti turned her hair blue. That girl is starting to worry me. She came into the story as a quiet, friendly girl, and now she's kicking drug addictions, fangirling over ships, and dying her hair blue. 

I need to go make pie, but here's a sample of my writing quality. 
“We were doing to be under the command of someone who’s more experienced in this kind of thing, a Lieutenant Phewhee, but he fell unexpectedly ill with flesh eating fungus twenty minutes ago."

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