Thursday, May 1, 2008

so i herd u liek history?

I'm kinda playing fast and loose with the dates, but I have my setting. Ish. If there is anyone who reads this who knows things about Saxony at the time of the Second Crusade, or Mediaeval German life in general, call me.

I just decided to regard it as a sign when there was a major shipping city which had a formative event and a noble marriage to an unknown girl in the same year. Actually, she wasn't really unknown, but I have made the executive decision that the chronicle which she was mentioned in is not important. *brilliant smile* I have also decided that my main man was actually born ten years after the official record, cause I just don't want a 30 year old marrying a teenager in my story. No, thank you...

AANDDDD!!! I have names. *is pleased* The thing with history is these people come with names ready made! Even if they are mouthfuls like Adolf III von Schauenberg Graf von Holstein. Try saying that one in a hurry.

Oh, I am so in over my head. *dances off to make a character chart*

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