Saturday, May 10, 2008

"You want broke, blind, or bedlam?" "How 'bout all three?"

Word count I should be at: 16,129
Word count I am at: 14,975

I have realized that I just have someone threaten someone else with a knife when I'm not inspired. This is pretty effective, but I also have a feeling that it's also problematic. *beats head against wall*

This is the second week, isn't it. Can I blame my blah novel on that? Can I? Please? No, it's not THAT blah, I just am in the filling-in stages. *sigh* And I keep introducing people who are going to die, I know, which is a little guilt-inducing. But they are awesome, to a man. And not all the awesome people die!

We meet more of the nobility tomorrow. Should be FUNNNNN. Or sketchy. I'm not sure which yet. *grins*

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Bahnree said...

LOVE the quote! YAYYY OCEANS 11!

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