Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's time to break out the Chant.

Word count I should be at: 29,032 *cringes*
Word count I am: 27,077 *cringes more*
Title: Merchant's Daughter

I'm changing the title back, since it was too hard to explain.

And I now have a merchant singing in Latin. Yes, Latin. Did you know that you can find the entire Vulgate bible on the internet? I was quite pleased.

I have GOT to get up early tomorrow to write. No more excuses.


Bahnree said...

*Morphy pops into Jasmine's blog*
*wags purple finger*
"No more excuses! No more excuses!"
*Morphy dives away before Jasmine can hit him*

Just remind yourself that I'm *seventeen thousand* words behind. That should make you feel better.

Snazel said...

Ohh, M'love! That doesn't make me feel better! It fills me with sorrow on your sake!

Or maybe it does fill me with unholy glee and I'm just lying to you. That's right, lying.

Which one do YOU think?

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