Thursday, May 8, 2008

"If you touch me, I'll kill you. If you touch my computer, I'll just make you wish I had killed you."

Word Count I should be at: 13,333
Word Count I am at: 11,934
Shortfall: 1,399

Wow, it's my second post of the day! This has been a very good day. I am happy. :D

I introduced Hadelind, who is amazing, and Johannes got to tell the story of how he lost a finger, and Adelhied met Father Nikolous. Man, I am having issues with Adelhied, though. She is just missing it. You know, that indefinable something which makes you want to watch a person? She hasn't got it. I am disappointed by this because I really liked her before I started wring here, and now it's a desperate scramble to try and make her a real, and intersting, person. 

I have been informed that one of my main characters is a Mass Murderer in their backstory. Aren't Dares fun?

And I also wrote a website


Bahnree said...

I pretty much love your subject line. Holy gondola.

Snazel said...

I am easily inspired when it comes to threats. :D

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