Friday, May 2, 2008

*evil laughter bubbles up from the corner*

I got up early again today, and then found that my brother, whose computer account I was using, had changed his password. This is where you take it as a sign that it is time to sleep, and go back to bed. So I did.

And now, for the next little while, I'm writing on paper. *nods*

After lunch, I was sitting in the corner of the living room chuckling evilly to myself pver my notebook, in a manner which I am sure was quite disturbing. It wasn't even an evil scene, but I was just enjoying myself. It's so fun to figure out who your characters are! Johannes, you silly boy... *wide grin* I shall have to tamp down my character ranting, too, since I don't think my family wants me talking about my characters at odd times, for the rest on the month. My poor sister Courtney was the recipient of three outbursts before I managed to reign myself in.

Funnily, my main character is the one who needs the most work right now. I had all her lines done for the first scene for a couple of weeks, but now her brother Johannes is very different from the way I originally saw him, so she comes off as self centered and emo, which is NOT true! I affirm this! Yes, Johannes was originally big, oblivious, 24, and somewhat slow. Now he's ADHD, with a wicked business sence, and 16. Puts a different spin on the conversation, no?

I like my story abruptly, which is good. I have a feeling that might help in the early morning. I should point out that I am NOT an early morning person, and I am just trying to train myslef ot get up early as that is the time when I can use the computer most easily, when I have a login. It remains to be seen if that is any kind of successful.

Okay, I need to go do clothes research. May all your plots come to an end!

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