Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seven years, only seven years!

Word count I should be at: 22,581
Word count I am at: 22,791

I finished Crime and Punishment this evening, and I really see why it is well spoken of. Though there were certainly moments where I was ready to start shouting at the page, namely when Svidrigailov had Dounia trapped, (!@#$%^), I really enjoyed it. And such a good ending! *is happy*

And I've had to stop at an EXTREME cliff hanger, so getting up tomorrow to right should be easy not that difficult.


Bahnree said...

Please tell me you meant to type "getting up tomorrow to WRITE" and just had a brain spasm or something.

Also, YAY for Crime and Punishment! I'm glad you liked it (otherwise I would feel guilty). It's still cozy.

jasmine.medusa said...

Yes, there was a little brain spasm there, due to Piano Movers entering the room and me trying to type the entire entry in the 5 seconds it took them to cross the room. :D

Try again. "And I've had to stop at an EXTREME cliff hanger, (Hugh has Adelheid up on the wall with no on e around, and he's armed) so getting up tomorrow to write should be not that difficult."

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