Monday, May 12, 2008

Word count I should be at: 19,355
Word count I am at: 18,963

I keep trying to get up early, and then I turn off the alarm in my sleep. That is the only explanation I can find for it, because I arm it for 5 am, and then I wake up as breakfast is being called at 8.*frustrated* But I continue to enjoy myself with my story. I had to add a disclaimer to this one too. *cheeky* 
I am aware that the idioms I used are not exactly medieval. I blame this on the fact that they're talking in German, and Polish, and Danish, and so of course in the translation things happen.
I really didn't do enough research. :D

BUT! Maybe next time I won't need a disclaimer at all... I live in hope, pretty much.


Bahnree said...

"I live in hope," as the priest said to the princess.

jasmine.medusa said...

What is that even supposed to mean????

Bahnree said...

I really have no idea, but it's lots of fun to quote.

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