Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"You think? Who gave you permission to do that?"

Word count I should be at: 32,258
Word count I am at: 31,597

I promise, it was entirely unintentional, but I now have a murder, Dietlinde got really drunk, and Adolph and Adelheid both know an important secret about each other and know that they both know. And they both also throw knifes really well. (This was a fun scene!) :D Adelhied also just watched the murder happen and didn't do anything, which is rather fascinating. 

Unfortunately, I now also have a bit of a headache, which certainly isn't due to the fact that I am getting most of my hydration in the form of coffee, for sure. *nods*. 

Ah, I am very happy to finally have that scene done with. I've been beating my head against it for something like three days!

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