Friday, May 9, 2008

*waves weakly*

Word count I should be at: 14,516
Word count I am at: 13,457
Shortfall: 1,059

I feel nasty, unfortunately. *sigh* Not that I'm really sick, just feeling blah, with a headache, sore throat, and no sense of humour. But I did look up German Honorifics, which are jolly. And I found out two pieces of information in there which fit VERY nicely with my story, if ever I get to the good parts. Sigh. 

Did I mention that depriving myself of sleep was stupid? I think this needs to be said. 

I also think that research BEFORE you're writing a historical tale is a good idea. Oh well, this gives the experience its own particular brand of insanity. 


Bahnree said...

Wow okay somehow it's very depressing that when I saw "honorifics" I immediately thought, "HEY wanna know about Jap honorifics? I know all about those!"

Snazel said...

I'll call on you in my next research blitz. :D Woah, that actually unleashed a throng of plot bunnies. *shudders*

Be proud of what you know! :P

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