Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Have I mentioned recently how much I love writing?

I declare, the world is FULL of stories. There are ideas everywhere, and I would so much love to write them downnnn..... *cries*

I last week started a file to write down story ideas, and it is now 4 pages of hope and glory.

Moreover, I've been writing a silly little story in a notebook in the 20 minute snatches of time between classes and such, when I can't really start some proper school work, and someone else is on the computer. It's now 8 pages long, and really shiny. That was the first story that I've gotten out of bed to start writing. But I was wide awake, I tell you, and the story was all colorful and vivid...

In addition
, I had the so-lovely idea to put my May story in the real world, not an invented fantasy land. I'm leaning towards Constantinople, I think, because the original folk tale I'm expanding came from the Balkans, and I don't know enough about Japan or Africa to put it there. *is hit by a sudden craving to read folk tales and the encyclopedia.* I haven't decided between the Roman empire or the Eastern Roman empire yet either. I think we're calling the May adventure PENredux, and I am very excited!

Wow, if that made sense to anyone, I am impressed. I need to go beat my Scriptures paper into submission. *waves*

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