Friday, December 10, 2010

Why is it still December?

You may have noticed my continuing, obsessive desire to read Beth Revis's Across The Universe. This is an obsession you should share. Or at least pretend to share, and then you can give me your copy. The hard cover has a reversible dust jacket, okay? With ship schematics. I am crying tears over the sheer awesomeness of that, right now.
Dust Jacket one way-
-Dust Jacket t'other way.
And this blog post is brought to you by the fact that Ms. Revis, bless her soul, is having a EPICNESS OF EPIC IS EPIC giveaway. We are talking One Hundred Prizes.

67 Mini swag packs
15 Button swag packs
15 ARC packs. 
2 ARC and Watch packs
1 Hardcover, Signed, First Edition swag pack of PURE AWESOME.

And it's international. So you should go enter. Because something this awesome deserves to be celebrated and adored and talked about. And entered for.

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