Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Don't make me try and find adjectives to describe you."

It's almost the end of September? How did that happen? If find it especially of note because I intend to spend October in preparation for Nano. And I think I'm gonna need the whole month because of my unwieldily story which keeps morphing every time I look at it. (She's angry! She's sad! She's gifted! She's clumsy! They're snobbish! They're nice! They're noble! They're conned! He's trying to commit suicide! He's a secret enemy! And so on...)

I REALLY need to pin it down. But that means I need to get Merchant's Daughter mostly out of my head. Which therefore means that I have to try and get it done by the end of the month. And why am I writing this? Because I hope that, perhaps, I will be guilted enough by my public admission that I will actually finish it. Perhaps. :D

Doesn't hurt to try!


Bahnree said...

hahaha You're silly. Good luck with that though.

Kendra said...

"He's trying to commit suicide!" I love how all those things are said in the exact same tone of voice. And good luck on the Merchant's Daughter. May your attempts at guilting yourself go better than mine ever do ^_^

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