Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"The key is Sincerity. Once you can fake that you can do anything."

I have a story in my head for NaNoWriMo. This is good, yes? Yes. Is good. 

However, it has been in my head since March, pretty much, and it keeps growing. The thing is EPIC. It's Science fiction, which probably helps the scale, but the thing will not retain a sense of perspective. It currently lurks behind my eyes and whispers enticingly that everything is related to the story. Today, the items which set me off were,


and General Drive-thru-ness 

The thing has tentacles. 

  • I have back-story. 
  • I have history of my empire(s). Yes, I have THREE distinct cultures which need imagining. Scrap that, I think I need four. Oh my, it's five. Five. Good grief.
  • I have three characters who have etched their viewpoints on the inside of my brain and demanded that I relate them, and I can see three others who will grab text if given half a chance. 
  • I have four major "adventures" and flashbacks. 
  • I have costume design, for goodness sake. COSTUME DESIGN. Why???
  • I don't have maps- only because my empires are three-dimensional. 
I need to write this before it gets utterly out of control.


Kendra said...

You are gonna rock that one! Wow. I am really excited for Nanowrimo all of a sudden. I totally forgot I had a story too! I should go develope it more...*wanders off*

Bahnree said...

ROFL i love you. "Only because they're 3-dimensional"

Bahnree said...

Hey, you should write a birthday story...cuz HEY, it's your BIRTHDAY!

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