Sunday, September 20, 2009

"This is so turning into another Children's Crusade."

Oh, I forgot to post here yesterday! But I was really excited, because I finally managed a scene of Merchant's Daughter! Yes, "a" scene, but when you're as uninspired as I have been lately, that's a lot. And I'm sure Kemendraugh didn't have to hold all my RP characters in limbo or anything... *cough* *coughcough*

Yeah. So. Words. I had my words back yesterday. *hugs them* I LOVE YOU WORDS. NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!


Merc said...

Yay a scene! :D

Snazel said...

Thank you! Celebrate lame word count!

Spartezda said...

Hey, wordcount is wordcount! :D

(some days just not going down in wordcount is a victory)

Snazel said...

This is true. Hey, the container ship is leaving! Cool! I mean, uh, yes. All word count is special.

*sings* Every Word Is Sacred!

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