Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet!

So this is my WIP. Say hi to the nice internets, Merchant's Daughter!

And there's the outline for what I have to write. Um, I'm a bit dubious about how many words that will turn out to be, cause when I finished Nano, the mental outline looked strikingly similar. 200k later, I finally threw my the last of it together. So yeah. *nervous* But this is much simpler, and I have less characters to deal with!

Yeah, I'm still alive. That's the main point of this post. :P


Spartezda said...

Yay next project!

Merc said...

Whee! Also, I like your points of "fire" and "people die". %-)

Snazel said...

Thank you! *beams*

I am very afraid of them, actually, because of how badly I botched those scenes for Expendables. Yet another reason to procrastinate! Oh wait, no. *cough* Bad Snazel.

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