Friday, May 7, 2010

Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson

In most books, the basic things are set up within the first couple of chapters, and then events unfold from there for most of the book, perhaps with a twist at the end. That is a lovely pattern.

That is not the pattern this book follows. Things Just Keep Happening, for the ENTIRE STORY. And I don't want to spoil any of it for you... I'll just go over the basics of how the story starts, then. *nods* That sounds reasonable!

It opens with a man in prison. He breaks out, killing several guards with a sentient, talkative, and bloodthirsty sword, but only after stealing something from another prisoner, and then killing the man. Then he vanishes from the story, and we go to watch a 17 year old princess who has suddenly been declared the most-expendable of her father's daughters. She's being sent off to marry the God-King of a neighbouring empire to try and stave off war just a LITTLE longer. This marriage is considered a death sentence, since as soon as she's produced a heir she's expendable. Also, the God-King has returned from the dead, is considered omnipotent and commands an army of zombie soldiers. This, plus the fact that she's not allowed to look at or talk to him, makes the prospective marriage not quite a completely joyful idea. Meanwhile, an atheist God is grappling with his inclination towards the seven deadly sins. And then- Oh, just read it. Then we can talk about AWESOME SWORDS AND COLOURS AND DEVIOUS MERCENARIES AND SNARKY FREAKING GODS. *cough*

I gave it four stars out of five. The only reason that it's not at five stars, was a vague feeling that it was moralizing in a way that I didn't quite agree with. It was very vague, but enough to make me not want to read it every night before I go to bed/carry extra copies to pass around to friends, which is the level of awe and adoration required to get to five stars in Jasmine-World right now. With that said, you should all go read a copy. Lightsong the atheist god wins at life. (And death.)


Bahnree said...

"HOW CAN A GOD BE ATHIEST" is blocking out all thought right now. Brb.

Snazel said...

Heheheh, You must read it and then you will know!

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