Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 50,000 Word Question

As you may have noticed, NaNoWriMo is coming up soon. Like, really soon. Like, OMG NEXT MONTH AUGH WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE?


*five minutes pass*

*slaps self in head*

Ahem. As I see it, I have three real options, which I am now going to ramble about incomprehensibly. In the first corner, we have re-writing Merchant's Daughter. I wrote it once years ago, but now I have to pull out the entire middle and inject all the characters with life. So I don't feel bad about calling that an option, seeing as I'm going to change ALL THE WORDS. Also my idea of kissing being bad has changed, so I kinda have to re-jig some characters' morality, and you know, maybe not killing all the children would be good... And what's it like?

It's set in Eastern Germany in the early eleventh century, and it's all political backstabbing and plans and possibly a secret romance or more accurately two people who really like to fight each other, and get married so they could fight more efficiently. The feel of it in my head is quiet, and controlled, with snow and noisy hearths, and small wooden spaces and being an outsider. YA Historical Fiction.

Then we have the Medusa-ish Story, which is based on a line in Dr. Who, and my feeling that the monsters should all be the heros every so often. I mean really, I'll be making up this plot on the go. I think it's a prison break. Maybe. Possibly finding out your bosses are killing you. WHO EVEN KNOWS? The feel in my head is about open spaces, and tents and metal and stone (possibly after the fall of "modern" civilization?) Bits of sensory deprivation, and children used as weapons, and climbing. Cliffs and floating prisons and storms. :D *bounces at the feel of the world* The characters are older, so I think it's straight up Fantasy. Heh. I have Sirens and Succubus, so yeah, no YA. HOW many FTBs, plot? I'm not sure, let's find out!

And for contender number three, there is my Selkie Kidnapping, which is set- shockingly- in the modern day. For tradition's sake, there is bound to be a storage container. It has a PLOT, and feels like being about family, and wondering who you trust, and book hunting, and escaping a small town. It smells of salt water and blood and wind and rock. Cold, and low income, and fighting the seductive sexy mysterious paranormal boys. :D This would either be the closest to a paranormal romance that I've got, or be about the death of romance and how you should stab the opposite sex on sight. I'm not sure yet.

SO YEAH. With those wonderful descriptions, what do YOU think? :P

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