Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What happens in MY house at night.

I got a package in the mail

I love packages!

Let's see what's inside.

It's a book!

I love books! 
Especially books named Paranormalcy!

Let's show Paranormalcy her new home! First things first- tea.

But Paranormalcy, there are no clean mugs!

So we must clean one! Paranormalcy gets to sit safely on a plastic bag. WORRY NOT, I do not ENDANGER books.

Paranormalcy watches as the appropriate teabag is added.

Paranormalcy is used to Dr. Pepper, not this strange liturgy of boiling water! (See how shocked and taken aback she is?) But she'll have to get used to it- this is Canada. :D 

Add sugar. Do you take your tea sweet, Paranormalcy?

Yes, Paranormalcy does take her tea sweet.


Well, when in Rome!

Now we're ready to go! Just gotta test the tea first...

Everyone's excited to meet you, Paranormalcy! They sent out the favourites!

Hi guys! I'm Paranormalcy! Nice to meet you!

Can I come in? I've got cool girls and fights and snark!

We love you! Come snuggle.

Photography provided by Yinsen the Macbook.

Oh, and tragically I mostly forgot to take pictures with ME and Paranormalcy in them, as requested in Kiersten White's contest? OOPS. *ruffles through them again.* Let me find one for my contest entry...

I swear we're at home. See above for proof. :D


Bahnree said...

LOL Aw man this is amazing! *roots for you* Lucky Paranormalcy owner! Look at all that book-snuggling! It's like soft porn! XD Or book-crack.


Snazel said...

Wow, now I can say I starred in photographic soft porn. Thanks, Bahnree. :D

Amy Laurens said...

Squee for Paranormalcy! I love your contest entries/photography essay/fun thingy :D Well done.

Snazel said...

Thanks Amy! :D I did have a lot of fun taking the pictures, even if it was driven by panic about a deadline that was promptly extended. :P

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