Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Oh you don't want to hurt their feelings. When their feelings are hurt, they hurt the ones they love. And they love you, Ted."

So, my life continues apace! I got called into work today, which I had planned for as my day off. At first I was all despondent at the loss of my freedom, and it took some serious pep talking to get me to stop grumbling at the tea pot. But it turned out really well, overall.

Apparently in planning for my day I'd given myself 2 hours of work crammed into 10 hours, because when I knew someone was coming to pick me up I managed to complete everything I'd lined out to do. GO ME? :P And then after work, (which was good,) I walked home.

There were good things and bad things in this plan. The good thing was that I had lots of time to think in the hour it took me to walk it, and I figured out I'd been short-changing myself on my grocery budget. TIME TO GO WILD IN THE SPICE AISLE!

The bad thing was that it was raining, so that when I got home I looked like this.

Oh, the beauties of being mostly blind without my glasses being useable. I think it was primarily by the grace of God that I didn't die in any of the cross walks I hazarded, because I honestly couldn't make out the blinky flashy red hands any more. There was one time when I was barging across the street, and I noticed this car stop for me. So I waved and walked on, and then realized several steps later that I'd been walking while he had the right of way... Also, at one point a cyclist ran into my shoulder. ^_^ (Only briefly, and we were both only scared about the situation, not injured or dampened any more than we had been before. Which was SOAKED, given that the rain was coming from EVERYWHERE.

Oh it was an adventure, I tell you. Just like every day. :P

I was trying to take some pictures along the way. Most of them were hopelssly blurry with water and my shaky hands, but I did end up with these two

This is a cathedral. No, I don't know which one.

And this is a- something. No, not sure what it is either. But isn't it pretty? :D

I will blog about what I'm reading at some point in the future. Have a good day, all! And night!

P.S. My title is from Better Off Ted, which is a show I've recently been introduced to. It's very dry, cynical humour about an evil corporation. So obviously I love it. :D (I may be planning a marathon? In the future? Maybe?)


Bahnree said...

Oh MAN I am sorry! You are so wet! And cute! AND I AM GLAD YOU ARE OKAY????

The other pictures are pretty too. :D

Snazel said...

*beams at you*

I'm glad I'm okay. And I certainly didn't FEEL cute, more like I was dripping a small ocean onto the floor and stumbling blindly into things. I'm glad I was deceived in myself. :D

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