Friday, February 18, 2011

A week ago I was less than 40 feet away from a Stradivarius.

Intermission Double Basses!
I went to the NSO's Masterworks show, where as a James Ehnes was guesting, playing a 3 hundred year old violin.

Suffice it to say that I now understand the fuss about virtuoso violinists. And violins. At the end of Meditation From The Opera Thais, (Jules Massenet), everyone was silent. I could actually hear people inhale together before they applauded.

And speaking of applause, it went on so long and enthusiastically that we got two encores. Both just amazing. Now I remember why I wanted to play violin in the first place. :P

There was so MUCH applause, in fact, that my hands were numb. And I didn't notice that I'd banged my hand against the seat until I looked down and saw this.

So we went to Tim Hortons and I ordered a double double and a band aid. Really. :D

See? Double Double. :D

Then my computer broke, which is why this post is so late, but that's a story for another post.



Bahnree said...

Nice little snapshot here. The photos are nice too. ;) I'm sorry about your hand! Violins are sexy, but cellos are sexier.

Pine Cone Boy said...

Violins are pretty. You should steal one and learn to play it.

Snazel said...

@Bahnree: I really enjoy being able to take snapshots on my phone. :D :D It's LOVELY. *pets Wallace*

But are Cellos sexier than double bass?

@PCB: I already know how to play it.

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