Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well that's just lovely.

Today was my day off, and as is becoming tradition, I went up to MUN to see if they would let me study there. Last time I went to bother people it was very successful, as I was admitted to first year. ^_^ This time I went to see if I could get my first year of Augustine transferred in, so I could start into second year. And let's just say the results this time were not so phenomenal...


Basically to go to appeal I have to present EVERYTHING I did in that year, as well as letters from every university that has a transfer credit agreement with Augustine, saying that they accept credits from Augustine. (I wonder if I should just photocopy my acceptance letter from St. FX, no I think I already pitched it, darn it.) And the prospect of all that paperwork is just TIRING, especially because the person I talked to today was NOT friendly or at all customer-service-oriented, and she started off everything, (after making me wait for 15 or so minutes,) with telling me that MUN doesn't accept transfer credit from  private colleges.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that this was one of the first questions I asked back in the day, in October, when I wanted to know if it was worth the agony of applying and wrestling with the necessary paperwork. The person I talked to said "sure, we just start looking at the transfer after the acceptance is in."

And then today, (Five minutes ago through my MUNmail), I get THIS lovely email.

Good morning, Jasmine:

Congratulations on your admission to Memorial University for the 2011
Fall Semester.

This is to inform you that Augustine College is not an accredited
Institution by Memorial's standards and we are therefore unable to offer
you transfer credit at this time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Rhonda Nash
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7

P. 709-864-4424 * F. 709-864-4893


I was going to talk about the rest of my day but that letter just soured me. So instead have a picture of Fort Amherst, which I went out to;

And a sign.

So now we're at this. 

P.S. Comments are REALLY, REALLY welcome. I feel like I need commentary on this.


Bahnree said...

Fight the good fight, precious! That is a frustrating situaysh. I was lazy and didn't even bother fighting them after I got the annoying, no people skills chick who is like "no there are no further options you can take, we don't accept non-accredited." But I had cheaper options going on than you. So I say FIGHT AND SEDUCE AND WIN.

Snazel said...

While I might be able to seduce the admissions lady, I'm not sure I'd want to live with the consequences. :D

Spartezda said...

Gaaah. *stabs bureaucrats for you* Did your prior college have any transfer agreements with them for previous years? Sometimes one can work that angle.

On the other hand, just yesterday I had to go down to get my in-person orientation waived--brought proof of graduation from previous institution, all the things I needed--only to be told "oh, we don't do in-person orientations any more." But my application and the girl on the phone said...? ARGH. So, hour and a half trip for nothing. You go, educational institutions. From Hell's heart I stab at thee.

Anonymous said...

SSU looks attractive!

Snazel said...

@Sparky: Sadly, I'm the only person within four provinces who's gone to my College, and there is no history of anyone coming from away to come to MUN. There have been transfer agreements at other universtities that MUN respects, but they're giving me the same spiel I've already gotten at another University, the "No one's ever gotten transfer credit from a private christian college, and we don't intend to give you credit, but if you collect every piece of work you did in that year and get your registrar to come give us coffee, we'll give you an appeal before we reject you again." Okay, maybe not in those PRECISE words...

And wow, that's a nasty yesterday. I'm sorry. That's AGGRAVATING. *stabs the institutions with you*

@Anon: Yes it does. doesn't it? :D

Spartezda said...

Oy. Doesn't sound like there's anything you can do short of Jedi mindcontrol, sadly.

Snazel said...

Yeah, I'm starting to think they just really don't want my 50 grand I was prepared to spend. TOO BAD FOR THEM.

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