Sunday, May 31, 2009

"I told you to leave." "And when have I ever done what you told me?"

I've been trying to avoid killing people in my novel. Those of you who have been talking to me about it might be labouring under a slightly different illusion, but that's just cause it's so fun to tease you about killing off your favorite characters! In truth, I've had some vauge idea that everybody lives. And yeah, I need to change up the tension in my novel, in the draft, to reflect this. If everything had gone according to plan, see, everybody would have lived. They had a good plan, everybody performed flawlessly- something else that I need to make sure comes out in the edit *sigh*, and they all should have made it out. But they're up against a creepy freaky smart bad guy, who's been luring them into a trap for a week now.

So yes, people die. I know at least two deaths, and how, I just have to figure out if the rest of the group makes it out intact. That's one issue.

The other issue is that everything seems so freakishly colourless! I don't want to write! *cries* Everything and everyone is flat. They have no soul, no flavour! I don't wannnnaaaaaaa.

Okay, excuse me while I slap myself silly and write a fight scene.

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Pine Cone Boy said...

I just finished your freakishly long serial.

*whimpers* Please don't kill them all.

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