Saturday, February 20, 2010

39 Clues: Beyond The Grave, Jude Watson

So Amy and Dan head off to Egypt, where they find that people who they thought were dead AREN'T, romances are not to be trusted, people who they thought were dead, uh, still are, and Crocodiles are fast.

There are brief pauses to tip our hats to feminism again, which also happened in One Missing Note, and to reveal almost nothing about the family legacy. Which is to be expected, with 35 books to go.

What can I say? The series continues. I'm not going to vet any more of these books for my siblings, or if I do I'm not going to review them. They take me all of 45 minutes to read anyways. I gave it three stars out of five. It was an enjoyable 45 minutes.


Bahnree said...

I realized I haven't been commenting lately and hopefully this hasn't been discouraging you from posting (SEE HOW I MADE IT ALL ABOUT ME THERE?). XD

The 39 Clues sounds very....entertaining? I have cute mental images of you reading them, all excited and cute, like you've relapsed into your inner child. ^_^ And I said that in the least negative way possible. *nods* Like cute inner child, not immature inner child. uh ok going now.

Snazel said...

But it IS all about you! *drapes*

They are quite entertaining books. :P Miss you!

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