Sunday, February 14, 2010

In which I start to suspect I have developed an addiction to CAPSLOCK.

I know I've been bad with the blogging lately. I"M SORRY. I fail at life. 

*humbly bows head*

My excuse is that I have been WRITING. I know, I can hear the shock in your voices. But I have! It's a true story! I finished part one of Karma Police- which sucked. But I did figure out how to break Adam! Which makes me happy, as always. *is happy*

And now I'm onto writing part two of KP, which makes me curse the fact I thought it would be a good idea to write in five POVs, including five keening stories, for most of the part 2. I curse myself SO HARD! (Oh, the follies of youth under the influence of Nano- I mourn.)

But yes, writing. (Not that I'm avoiding writing by posting on a blog, Nooooooo! Surely you jest!) Also I have been reading at least six books! I preen in the awesomeness of my reading majesty. *poses* And I went through a lot of stuffs at work, procedural FUN and all that funky stuff. And also I discovered Mass Effect 2. *cough cough cough*

The story is pretty, what can I say? I heart Jack! Though I do wish that shirt was larger... (If you've seen-played it, Please God you know what I mean.)

What else do I have in the line of random factoids? Oh yes, ME2 and a wicked awesome character in KP has made me realize that I seem to have a seemingly endless supply of wickedly amused, heavily tattooed, totally badass and possibly untrustworthy female characters. Some are a bit more deadly or adorable than others, but so far the well of AWESOME has not run dry. Not that those characters ever tell me a profane thing about what they're doing with my other charas or the plot, but I shouldn't ask for TOO much, should I?

Oh, Oh, Oh! Also I won a copy of Flash Burnout! SQUEE! 

Back to the grindstone, I need to hire Ewan and imperil Laura. *stumbles away, smiling dangerously*


Spartezda said...

Wow, five POVs? o.O

There are not enough tattooed awesome untrustworthy female characters around. Especially ones NOT falling in love with random supernatural dudes. Go you!

Snazel said...

Well... One fell in love with a supernatural dude, and they kinda got married; One is co-habiting with the random mortal dude who broke her out of prison (twice;) One is teaching a random mortal dude exactly how sorry he is that he's in love with an awesome tattooed bald female fire-loving character (he isn't really sorry but he suspects he should be,) and one laughs in my face at the idea of her falling in love with anyone? So far. In several stories. ^_^

And yes. I think I have a terrible addiction to POVs. At least now I'm trying to restrict myself to one per scene.. Most of the time.. Sometimes one per paragraph...


Spartezda said...

Huh. Do you use an omni POV, then, if you switch within scenes? Or just headhop?

Snazel said...

Um, I'm not sure. Most of the really multi stuff has to be edited clean, I think.

LJ is being evil, so I'll see if I can fit the excerpt in here.

There you go. :P

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