Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Match Made In High School, Kristin Walker

This was my second book for the 2010 Debut Author Challenge, and I actually bought this one. No more freebies, I got it in Chapters. :D Not that I did my famous PANIC LUNGE at the shelf when I saw it, or anything. Truly, I am so weird in bookstores.

Ahem. Anyways, I read it almost a month ago, and I have been very remiss about reviewing it. That's because I've been keeping it by my bed for cheerful reading before sleep. I can open it at random, read a paragraph or two, and always find something to make me chuckle, if not laugh outright. This is a very funny book. ^_^ I'll do the random open thing now, and find a quote. *opens to page 31*

"I thought today would be the first day of a fantastic senior year. Instead, it sucked. Now I have to spend the whole year SHACKLED to a person (who shall remain nameless, but his initials are TODD HARDING) whom I despise. I have been advised to try to find on redeeming quality in him to focus on. So far, the only I can think of is that he is breathing. But even that is questionable, because is very likely a zombie or some other form of the undead."
And that gives you a good glimpse of Fiona's voice to boot! As you may have gathered, Fiona has been paired with Todd (I'll explain why and how in a sec, be patient), and she doesn't think too highly of him. He shares this opinion. Of her, that is- he thinks he's pretty awesome. They would both be VERY happy never having to share space in the same room, only their principle has decided to instigate something called a "Marriage Education Class."

 The whole senior class has been paired together randomly- which means that basically no one is with someone they like. But they will have to work together, all year. Or they don't graduate.

And not even just in class, the terms of the sentence class dictate that they'll have to work together OUTSIDE of school as well, earning money. All the money goes into a pot, and at the end of the year the "couple" with the best "marriage" gets the money. (Which is probably the primary reason the entire senior class doesn't drop out, right then.)

And then, as everyone unwillingly works together, they start to find that hey, there are actual human beings inside of that stereotype shell! (Not that it definitely means that we should be friends, mind you, but hey, you're a person! (And then later- hmmmmmm, maybe we can be friends! Maybe.))

Okay, anyone who reads the back of the book knows that's the way the plot is going to go. "People Learn To Look Beyond Surface Appearances." But beyond that turn, it manages to avoid a particular- dare I say it- stereotype of a plot. ^_^ Most of my predictions for what was going to happen were off, and there were quite a few twists which I really didn't see coming. The people who I expected to end up with each other didn't, and most importantly, the characters really seemed like real people. It wasn't just a case of an outcast learning that the popular people aren't so bad because she's accepted into their group- the characters unwillingly were forced to look beyond reputation and appearances. Nerdy Girl is still nerdy, and Jock Boy doesn't discover his artistic side, they just find out that there are people inside the uniforms. Which is a turn of events I like much, much more. :D

And can I say how much I liked Fiona? She's one confident girl! Yes, she's not "popular," but she's fine with that. She knows what and who she is, and the idea of changing herself to fit in never even comes up. This is quite a change from most teen female protagonists. ^_^ (Also, her parents are WIN. So much win. I want their relationship. :D)

Wow, this is a rambling mess of a review. :D Anyhow, I gave it three stars out of five, and I hope Mrs. Walker writes MANY more books!


Bahnree said...

That last quote was just charming.

But that sounds like a winner! Why did you give it only 3 stars? Your review makes it sound like there wasn't anything you didn't like?

Snazel said...

I mean, it was fine and fluffy! I just didn't, cuddle the book. It was lovely, but we're just friends. There is no making out with book. *sheepish*

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