Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Who is the love and who is the knife."

Word count: 1,593

Overall: I'm kinda stuck between hating PASSIONATELY what I'm writing now, and being struck by the glory of how much better it'll be when I rewrite. And granted, that will probably be my attitude when I'm re-writing. (oh, this will be so much better next time!) but it helps to make me feel pleasantly schizophrenic.

Today: Ethan still has a lock on being cute, Mister Theyneker is uncaring about you or your pain, and Islay is cuter. Also, Laura is a woman of steel.

Upcoming: Ewan throws up (yay!) Adam questions his faith cause girls don't like him, and Ethan finds that he doesn't like newspapers.


Merc said...

Your updates never fail to amuse me. B-)

Nice wc!

Merc said...


I just had to mention, I have "shinfire" as a word verification. I want to use that now...

Snazel said...

Shinfire, eh? Sounds like something you'd inflict on Wolf. *cringes*

And I'm glad you like the updates! ^_^

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