Thursday, August 5, 2010

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3: Torn, Joss Whedon and John Cassaday (Artist)

Dude. This volume gave me the warm-fuzzies. I heart Emma Frost. *hearts her* Especially when she's physiologically torturing everyone! It's so awesome! ^_^

In this volume, basically Emma goes all "I'm the White Queen, I'm going to hand you your mind in a nice jar, wench," while everyone else runs around doing her bidding. Thinking they're being rebellious. It's so CUTE! *beams* And then thanks to everyone in the world pulling together, and also some help from a teleporter, they leave the world, for the BIG plot.


This just makes me smile. I was thumbing through it, there, to find my fave parts, and it's ALL my fave parts!

 But Scott with a gun has to be up there in the laugh-out-loud-every-time category. Along with Young!Logan in the tree, and Young!Logan discovering beer. :D In terms of sheer awesome, Emma and Scott having their little heart to heart to open each other's eyes is FLAT OUT MARVELLOUS. And Kitty is just lovely. :D She's not as flashily amazing as Emma, but in this series, she's lovely. I'd want her on my side in a fight. I just really don't want to be fighting AGAINST Emma. Or on the same side, if she does this to all her co-workers.

I gave it five stars out of five, and dove head-first into the next book.


Bahnree said...

Yeah, Emma scares me.

Scott is adorable.

I heart Kitty. I hearted her in the movie, too. Katie was all like "OH NO YOU DIDN'T HIT ON ICEMAN, WENCH" but I was like WHEEEEEE. Sorta. Well not really. But I liked her.

Actually I'm starting to suspect I have a crush on Ellen Page....

Snazel said...

Oh, I always knew you were as straight as an arrow!

*cracks arrow*

Like this! ^_^

Bahnree said...

Don't judge me, wench. XD No but I just always love her characters! It's true!

Pine Cone Boy said...

I think Young!Logan/INSANE!Beast may be my favourite part of that whole series. (Besides, y'know, everything else.) Just 'cause so many writers make Logan revert to BESERK ANIMAL MODE whenever someone screws with his head, and no one ever thinks about Beast being, um, a beast. But I think Whedon's take is more consistent with the characters. :D


Snazel said...

Hmmmm. Well, I thought it was entirely consistent, and AWESOME. :D Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. "I've claws, you know."

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