Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adventures in Self-Discovery

First things first. Until today, I'd only ever been inside of Starbucks that were contained in Chapters bookstores. (Like a surprise filling!) Because of that, I had this idea that I knew how to get along in a Starbucks. Today I found that no, what I know how to get along in is a Chapters.

I went to a stand-alone Starbucks, and it was just weird. I used all the wrong words, and there weren't books, and people kept looking at me... Seriously, I'm starting to think that I'm easy to read or something. In bookstores, people ask me where to find things. In Grocery Stores, people ask me if I need help. In Starbucks, I get the "are you confused and lost, girl?" look. But surely I can't be that obvious, right? Right?

In other news, Google Maps lies about the times that buses are supposed to leave places. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

Last night I was talking about Music to my Roomate Emily. The conversation was originally inspired by my watching of Lady Gaga's new music video, (which is rather horrifying, don't inflict it on your brain,) but that's not the point of me telling you this. (And no, you don't get a transition from the last part into this one either. MWAHAHAHAH.) Anyhow, we were discussing music, and I finally was able to define part of what I like in music.

I've said I like songs with stories behind them, and that sound like the band actually means it. And that's true, but that doesn't explain why I DON"T like certain songs that have been suggested to me. Like, say, Metallica. Or some others that must have only been suggested once, cause I don't remember their names. :P

At any rate, I was showing off my music library by playing Dire Straits' Romeo and Juliet

I was enthusing about how it doesn't need to show off with complexity, and that made me think of another song that I love, Fleetwood Mac's The Chain.

That was about when it struck me that I really, really like those songs that keep complexity in their arsenal of weapons, but they don't need to use it ALL THE TIME. The band keeps things simple, sometimes to the point of a two-note solo, and at least to me it seems like that gives all the parts a chance to be appreciated. This also extends to visual art and writing, as far as I can tell.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm uncultured, but it seems like with most art I get bored and wander off into the corridors in my own mind if it's not embracing simplicity as a method of communication.

(yeah, the video has nothing to do with anything, please to ignore it.)

And despite all the examples I just posted, I don't only like music from the 70s and 80s. I stumbled across Adele this week, and I think whoever is directing her music videos should be given a crown to wear for everyday use. This one just delights me. :D

My new life goal is to learn whatever is going on with the staff-dance and master that art form.

P.S. Expect my post on the 2011 Debut Challenge to be updated sometime in the week, for those of you who like to read me writing about reading.


Anonymous said...

With that interesting dance, please wear a mask! ( I mean for the ability to breathe, not so that you can conceal your identity :)

Snazel said...

I'm not sure if they do it on chalk every time. :P

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